Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy, busy week!

Just a short note to say that I'm here and we are all doing well - just very busy.  Here's a glimpse at our week.

2 Play Rehearsals - Rebecca is in a production of Charlotte's Web.  If you are local (or not and want to drive), we'd love to have you attend!  If you want me to send you the flyer, let me know and I'd be happy tot do that.  The performances are Thur 22nd, Fri 23rd and Sat 24th.  They have put a lot of time into this play and I know it's going to be great!

Co-op - It's my turn to host and co-teach.  We are rowing Roxaboxen this week.  It's one of my favorites and I'm looking forward to a fun day. 

10 Medical/Therapy appointments - That is a lot for any one week.  The bulk of that was dental.  I took all 6 of the kids on Monday.  It was mostly good.  Eliana cried the entire time.  Our dentist is fabulous though and really is not phased at ALL by a child that is having a hard time.  He is so laid back.  Did I say he was great?  So far, it looks like we have skipped braces for the first two, possibly the third.  We are not going t luck out with Isaiah though.  He will be getting braces as soon as he gets a few more baby teeth out.

Speaking of Isaiah, on the ride over, I was telling the children who would be going in first and with whom.  (They are split into 2 groups as they can only see 4 at a time.)  He then asked if friends were going to be there.  I told him no and was puzzled.  He thought since we were splitting into groups that we were going on a field trip.  LOL  At least he thought it was going to be a fun outing, I guess. 

My biggest surprise at the dentist was Daniel.  He needed x-rays.  I was worried about how he would handle them and he did a great job!  He was chatty, happy and able to handle it all without  me being right beside him every moment.  I am proud of him and excited that he was able to do this!

Our other appointments included 2 therapy appointments - some of which will soon be discontinued!  One eye appointment which thankfully held no surprises!  The last appointment is the most exciting one of the week ... our PUMP appointment!

We'll be going on Fri to learn all that we can - and to get his pump placed!  I'm excited and nervous.  I think this will be a good thing, but am expecting a period of transition as we work out the kinks.  It sounds like we will have great support while we are doing this and I'm thankful for that!  I've already talked with the gal that will be teaching us several times.  Joshua has been reading up and learning about the pump (as have I) so hopefully we'll both be prepared - as much as we can be anyway.

I'll post more after he gets his pump on Friday.  For now, I need to do a few more things, poke Joshua and then get some sleep before co-op in the morning. 

Just a funny.  Last week-end we were at Christopher's football game.  We spent some time with friends that we hadn't seen since last fall.  The little boys were playing and after awhile, one of the boys (from the other family) had this conversation with Rebecca and  Daniel.

Friend  to Daniel - "When you came to my house, you were very quiet and wouldn't play with me.  Now you are more outgoing and are playing with me."

Friend to Rebecca  - "How old was he when he came to my house?"

Rebecca "Five"

Friend "How old is he now"

Rebecca "Five"

Clearly puzzled that age isn't the reason that Daniel is now playing with him, he looks at Daniel and asks what has happened.

Daniel - "I upgraded." 

LOL  I love the things kids say!

Hope you are enjoying your week.  Praying you are seeing God's hand at work in your life.  Praying for you to find joy in Him and the blessings He has given you.  Thank you God for our health (I'm always so very thankful for health!).  Thank you for my precious family and wonderful friends.  Thank you for loving me.