Thursday, May 1, 2008

So behind ... will I ever catch up?

I doubt it.  There are so many things I want to do - and never enough time to do them.  Some things have been waiting for far too long!!!  Like thank you notes.  *blush*  I have typically been so good about doing this, but have certainly dropped the ball over the last year. 

Maybe making a list will help.  Or just serve as a reminder.  Here a list of some things I want or need to do.

*Sort clothes - pull out clothes that are too small (pass down) or stained (toss).  Figure out needs for summer clothing for everyone.  I've started on this, but it is not a small task. 

*Declutter - talking about not a small task.  LOL  The attic and garage and playroom need soooo much work.  I need to just set aside 15 min a day and try to tackle it.  I did some on the garage yesterday - and Roger took a load of things to the dump.  It's a little bit of progress.

*Reading - I have a stack of books I feel like I *need* to read - from homeschooling high school to learning about various motor skills improvements with Down syndrome.

*Scrapbooking - the job that is never caught up!  It is fun though. 

*Making activity boxes for my younger children - I want to do some developmental learning boxes for them.  Things that will be fun and also helpful.  Daniel loves having these to do during our school time.  I think Eliana would benefit from some more directed play as well.

*Researching/praying/planning for the next school year - I need to figure out new curriculum for my oldest two.  Our conference is in a few more weeks and I like to do most of my buying here if possible.  I want to support the vendors that attend and I like being able to look at things there.

*Chores - I've really slacked up a lot on these since ... well, you know.  LOL  I need to work on new charts.  The children are all really helpful - but some more than others and dividing things up would help all of us.  I need to do more training of the younger boys as well. 

If this sounds like fun to anyone - please feel free to come on over as I would love company as I tackle some of these projects.

Our day today was so much fun!  We had a field day with our homeschool group.  I wish I could share pics - but most of mine didn't turn out.  I'll try to post some later if any worked.  I'm not sure what is going on with my camera - it isn't that old.  (4.5 years) 

We split the children by ages and had a variety of games going on.  Some of them included 3-legged race, egg and spoon race, long jump, football throw, backwards race, kickball, sack race and more.  All of my children LOVED this day!  These are things that we don't often do as homeschoolers and it was fun to take time to do this with our friends.  My children are already asking about doing this next year.  I think it will be a fun new tradition for our group. 

This week-end, Roger and Joshua are going on a Civil War trip with a UNC tour group.  This is Joshua's first trip of this type and he is so excited.  Roger is the host and Joshua is looking forward to being his assistant - helping and serving the others on the tour.  He asked if I thought he would do a good job -  I assured him that he would be great in this role!  Christopher has been on several of these trips and it's neat that now Joshua gets a turn. 

When Roger first talked with Joshua, he wasn't sure if the topic would be interesting to him.  Joshua replied, "What kid isn't interested in the Civil War?  I've always wanted to learn more about iron-clads.".  His older brother has been a Civil War buff for a long time, so he has had plenty of exposure.  I think having time with his Dad will be pretty special too. 

The rest of us have a football game this week-end and a picnic.  The picnic is sponsored by our local Down syndrome group.  I think it will be a fun time to meet and connect with some others.  I'm really hoping it doesn't rain so that we can attend. 

I have more things I want to post - esp pictures.  Maybe I should list those too so I can get around to doing it.  ;-) 

Praying that the rest of you week is filled with laughter, love and joy.  Praying that you would know how precious it is to be loved deeply by the One who made you.  Praying that you would know His peace, purpose and passion as you walk through your day.

With love,