Thursday, May 19, 2011

Duke Gardens

Today was our last field trip of the year.  It was a little bittersweet.  It was a fabulous field trip.  It was the last one that Christopher will be doing with our group.  I've been planning group field trips now for 16 years.  I have loved doing this and loved the memories we have made.  I will miss having him with us.  I'm delighted that we ended on one that he has been looking forward to for quite awhile - and one that was a great one.  One he even thanked me for planning.  :-)  We visited Camp Chestnut Ridge and the oldest kids went on a high ropes course.  I'll post more on that trip later as I hope to get pictures of the older kids.  For now, I'll post another field trip from last month.  (Yes, still playing catch-up and probably will be for awhile).

April - a perfect time to visit a garden.  Especially Duke Gardens.  What a beautiful place!  We were scheduled for touring in 3 groups.  I went with the youngest kids who had a one hour tour around the gardens learning, talking and observing.  

One of my friends snapped this picture of Eliana and I.  I don't know how to turn it so it faces the right way though.  Can anyone help?
 We had a lively tour guide (can you pick her out?) who was very engaging with the younger set.
 After our tour, we waited for the older kids to finish their tours.  They had a Japanese tea ceremony in addition to a one hour nature program.  While we waited, I tried to take some pictures of my youngest two with the beautiful flowers.
 Trying to get them both to look.  To smile.  And get flowers and no people was a challenge.
 We changed locations.

I actually like this one.  

 The flowers were stunningly beautiful.
 I couldn't resist a closer shot of the flowers who posed perfectly for me.
 My little escape artist.  Often too "tired" to do much walking when we are trying to walk with a group.  Left on her own though, she is quick to go wherever she wants.  Do you think she was checking to see if I was following?  LOL
 We wandered over to a large field to have a picnic lunch and play.  Some played near the pond, others under a large magnolia and others yet on the field with a frisbee.  Eliana was very entertained with my camera.  She loves to take photos.  She actually got some good ones too.  Can you see her in the reflection of this wonderful young man's glasses?
 This sweet gal taking a picture of my girl taking a picture of her.
 She has no limits to what she will shoot.  Even went as far as to go up to a sunbather to take a picture.  (Much to the amusement of all of our watching friends!)  I was able to stop her though.  Below is one of her "creative" shots.
 After a warm day in the sun playing, we headed to a nearby popsicle shop.  Homemade and some really unique flavors!  Loco Pops is a great stop!
 They had chocolate too!  Even had some no/low sugar ones.

Another fun day with friends.  I love field trip days!  So thankful for the opportunity to learn and play in such a fun way!  I hope your day and week have been filled with delights!