Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Salamander Room

This is such a fun book!  I highly recommend a read ... and some fun projects to go along with it.  Who can resist the imaginative story of a little boy who turns his room into a habitat for a salamander friend? We actually did this book in May, but I forgot to post about it and thought I'd do a little catch up post.

We delighted in seeing this out on our front porch.  Its a skink.  Not exactly a salamander, but kind of close, don't you think?  And still fun to watch.

 A nature scavenger hunt is always fun.
 For this hunt, Daniel drew the things that he found.  I love his pictures!  Its a fun thing to keep in his notebook.
 One of the fun finds on this day was that we had lots of honeysuckle growing on a bush in our yard.  I loved this lesson on how to get the "honey" from the flower.
 I think that they are so pretty.  Love the smell too!
 Daniel found a bug and put him in a jar with a magnifying glass on top to examine him more closely.  Later he made a habitat for his new little bug friend.  He did eventually let him go again into the wild.  He enjoyed creating a space that he thought the bug would like though.
 One of the lessons was on balance.  A small scale was a great hands-on way to show this lesson.  Adding in the jellybeans just made it a sweet learning moment.  :-)
 The conversation in the story is between Brian (the little boy) and his mom.  She asks questions or makes a comment and Brian answers it.  His answers are reflected in the changes he makes to his room so that it becomes the best possible place for the salamander to live.  Eventually the room is the great outdoors - with his bed in the middle of the forest.

We used building blocks to show the balance of the conversation.  Thanks Ami for the fun idea!
 Fun book.  Sweet memories.  So thankful for the opportunities to learn in this way.