Friday, November 2, 2012

Elodie Farm - field trip!

This was our last field trip in September, so the clothing reflects the temperature then and not now.  I'm working steadily on catching up and am making a lot of progress!  :-)

Our FIAR group went on a field trip to Elodie Farm.  

This is a wonderful farm that makes homemade goat cheese and also serves as a restaurant.  We had a gorgeous day for our tour!  Dave, the owner, introduced himself and then started our tour.  He asked if we would like to go in the house - and of course we did.
We started out in the kitchen.  Dave is so relaxed and comfortable with our group!
He told us about the history of the farm and what is happening on the farm now.
We toured the downstairs with several rooms set up for dinner.

Next stop was the front porch.  Couldn't you just imagine spending quite a bit of time here?  I love porches with rocking chairs!
As we walked to the lower part of the farm to see some of the other animals, some of us were bringing up the rear.
As we were walking, we soon found that it was also the time that the goats walked down too.  They proceeded down the path and weren't bothered by us at all!
They were very gentle and allowed petting by any that wanted to.
We learned that the cheese made at this farm doesn't have the odor that is sometimes present with some goat cheeses due to the types of goats that are used.

I enjoyed the part of the trip and being with the whole group.  We are often split up and I miss seeing the folks in the other groups.  It is nice to have a change.
We saw some pigs.
And ducks.
And of course goats.

Eliana liked seeing the animals, but did not want them too close to her.  Or looking at her.

We walked back on a different path that took us by the pond.
More animals to see.
Eliana pointing out the goat that has gotten really close.
We split up to tour the cheese making facility due to the size of our group.  We first stopped in the area where the goats are milked.
The children were able to feel the suction on the hose used to get the milk from the goats.
In the kitchen, they learned more about how cheese is made and were able to see some of the equipment that is used.  

This is some goat cheese that has not yet been flavored.  He sells it plain and also rolled in herbs.
An aged cheese.  Not sure I could be convinced to try this one.  LOL
The older students on the tour.
When we finished, we all took time to picnic on the lawn.  What a pleasant place to hang out and to eat our lunch!
The children ran around and played and Eliana was fascinated with the chickens.

We did buy some cheese to take home and it was delicious!

Fun day.  Love hands-on learning.  I hope that my children will treasure and remember this delightful way of learning about the world around them.

Hoping you are having fun enjoying about your world with family and friends too!