Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patricks Day Fun

I thought a light-hearted look at our family might be a fun change of pace. 

Our schooling has looked very different over the last couple of months.  A lot of real life lessons!!!  We
have enjoyed the new "Fold and Learns" offered at  My 11yo, 7yo and 5yo are having fun with the holiday ones that we have done.  They are easy and fun. 

We started on the St Patricks Day one on Friday (late afternoon).  Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?  I asked what they knew about St Patrick (we've never studied him).  My 7yo pipes up with a lot of facts about his life and I was surprised.  It looks like they have learned a good bit of history from a Veggie Tales movie.  (Sumo of the Opera)    One of the items we made into a little book were some photos of famous sites in Ireland.  The children were looking at them and talking about which ones they would like to visit.  Apparently, my 5yo decided that when St Patty's Day arrived that we would be visiting them.  LOL  He told my friend about our upcoming travels.  She told him that she'd like to go with him and asked him to pack her in his suitcase - until he told her that we were going by car.   

This same 5yo is so proud of his work.  He rushed to show his Daddy what he had made as soon as he arrived home from work.  (Arrived him in time to see me inserting yet another tube for Eliana.  I'm up to 8 times now.) 

As a fun addition to St Patty's Day we decided to have some Irish food.  Thanks to some suggestions on the FIAR board we had "bangers and mash" (sausage and mashed potatoes).  I also made some shamrock shaped bread.  (I used bread sticks to shape 3 hearts and then added a stem.)  I brushed them with garlic butter tinted green.  The kids thought this was great.  And it was soooo easy!  For desert we had green milkshakes.  They thought this was a treat too.  Dinner was an easy meal with laughter and smiles.

Just a few little things - but memories are made of the sweet little things.