Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eno River Field Trip

We had such a fun time at our most recent field trip.  We went to the Eno River for a study of the river.  (Are you seeing a water theme to our field trips this month?  We first went to a pond, then a river and guess what is coming next?  A lake. Its all wet and fun!)

As is often the case, we were split into groups by age.  We had 3 groups - 2 that were school age that were exploring the river and a 4 and under group that was with their moms doing other activities.

The older kids groups gathered near the river with the rangers.

 The younger kids gathered on a nearby log.  We read the story "I am an Artist" which is a wonderful book used in the Before FIAR curriculum.  It's looking at the world and nature and seeing the beauty in it.
 A view of the river from where the little ones were gathered.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day!
 Time to explore the river to see what they could find.  They were given nets and also plastic tubs in which to gather and catch things.
 Love the excitement of finding something!

 After listening to a story, the little ones went on a nature scavenger hunt.  This is an easy to make sheet that you can tailor to things in your area.  I think there are changes I'll make the next time we do something like this.
 As we headed out for a hike, my little girl wanted to blaze her own trail.
 And find her own discoveries.
 We were with the group briefly, but Eliana is just not yet a hiker and so we wandered on our own and had fun - just the two of us.  :-)
 We made our way back to the river to see what the others were up to.  They were examining the various things they had found in the river and trying to identify them.
 Just a sweet brother/sister shot!
 Asking questions, using lists and guides (and the knowledge of the adults) to help identify things correctly.
 The oldest group of kids had gathered further down stream.  Eliana did some walking to get there.  We played a "stop and go" game which helped coax her to walk further than she wanted to.
 We saw crayfish, dragonfly nymphs and more.  It was interesting learning that dragonfly nymphs can live for years in this stage!

 After the lessons, the kids just wanted to play and get wet!  What a great time was had by all!
I'm thankful for the opportunities we have to learn and to play.  I love learning outside and in old buildings and with friends.  We are truly blessed!

In His love