Monday, July 5, 2010

Camp - Day 2 - Seeds

I'm going to be playing catch up for a few days.  We  were gone for the week-end and I'm working on uploading pictures.  Rebecca held her second day of camp last week and the topic was "Seeds".  I loved watching how she learned from her experience and planning accordingly for the next camp day.  She has really worked hard and poured a lot of herself into planning fun activities.  I've enjoyed watching her.

She started the day with a devotion and then reading a book.  She read a Magic School Bus book on seeds.

She then shared some facts about seeds with them.  Next they took a closer look at some seeds.  They took apart some lima beans (soaked overnight in water) and corn seeds to see the difference between a monocot and dicot. 

For snack, Rebecca chose some foods that were from seeds.  Sunflower seeds, watermelon, apple slices and smoothies.  Yum.  What a nice, healthy snack!

After snack was craft time where they each painted a small pot.  She used watercolor paints and then covered it with modge podge. 

They then played a bingo game that Rebecca made up.  She made a bingo board with pictures of various seeds. 

She drew a picture from her bowl and called out the name of the seed.  The children could read the names or look at the picture to match it up.  When they found it on their board, they covered it with a lima bean.  Each board was different.  The first to get 5 in a row was the winner.  There were two tied for first place.  For the next round, they worked to make a T (the top row and the middle row) on their boards.  There was also a tie in this round and it was the other two children.  Nice how that worked out.

When the pots were dried, they filled them with potting soil and planted some flower seeds. 

The morning ended with another game.  Rebecca made this one up too.  The children each had a different role.  One was the seed that had to move in tiny baby steps.  One was the sun and that person skipped.  One was water and that person took large steps.  The last was the bird who hopped.  The seed was trying to catch the sun and the water.  Once tagged those people were with him.  If the bird caught the seed before the seed caught the water and the sun, then the game was over and the bird won.  They had great fun playing this!

During the morning, Eliana and I just hang around, watch and play nearby (mainly so I can take some photos and just enjoy the camp too!).  Here's a blurry one of Eliana having a blast on the swing.  Can you see her grin?

It was a beautiful day weather wise which was so very nice!!!  Wish the whole summer could be like this.  As I look at what she has done, I'm so proud of her.  She is a creative and fun-loving young lady that really enjoys children. 

She has three more camp days planned for the summer.  I'm sure that they will be lots of fun too!