Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Photos

I know.  It's long past, but I'm playing catch-up here.  I've actually been trying to establish some new routines at home and am getting more done there (including more sleep!)  This is a good thing, but as always something has to give. 

We had a wonderful Christmas!  My parents came to visit and we loved having them here again this year!!!  This post will be short on words and filled with pictures - enjoy!

Traditional photo on the steps. 

Our morning started with reading the Christmas story from the Bible (before we came downstairs) and then opening our stockings. 
This t -shirt helped fund missions work in Haiti.  I love gifts like this that bless in several ways. 
This gift was a HUGE hit.  Love it when I find something that really pleases someone!
I love seeing my children give gifts to each other.  They spent time (and their money) choosing something that they thought the others would enjoy. 

Nana and Daniel reading a book - along with the dog Jingle who barks and sings.
Wii games were a popular gift at our house this year!  And a blast for all of us!  I love that we have games that 4 at a time can play now!
Trying out Nana's new Ipad.  And lots of excitement here when we received one from Nana and Papa for our family!
Thanks Mom and Dad for coming and spending Christmas with us.  We loved having you here!!!

Our Christmas was a sweet time.  A time to reflect and thank God for His perfect gift.  We give gifts as a reflection of our Father's heart to give.  A time to be with family.  I'm thankful for this precious gift!!!  A time to play, laugh and make memories. 

Mostly, I'm thankful for Jesus.  He is the reason we celebrate.  What an amazing God we serve that would give such an extravagent gift.  Thank you Lord!

Praying that as we start a new year, that our hearts would remain grateful for all that He has done and that our lives would reflect His love in many ways.