Friday, January 16, 2009

One more ... Praise God!

I'm going to post-date this so that it shows up on the day that it happened - Saturday the 17th.

On Friday while the children and I were doing devotions, we were talking about how Jesus prays for us.  We got into a discussion about Jesus and the fact that He lives in our hearts when we believe.  Well, Isaiah asked if he was in my heart and I replied "yes".  He then asked about others in the family including himself.  I told him that Jesus was ready to come into his heart anytime that he wanted to invite him.  Well, he wanted to do it then!

I asked him why he wanted to invite Jesus.  He said that he wanted Jesus in his heart and not Satan.  He also said that he figured it was the best way to go to heaven and he wanted to go to heaven.  I assured him that this was the only way to get to heaven.

I asked if he would wait until Daddy could be with us.  Unfortunately, Daddy had a busy and long work day already scheduled and wasn't able to be home until late.  So on Saturday morning, we asked if he was ready.  He was.

Isaiah prayed a prayer, nervously inviting Jesus in.  He wasn't really sure what to say and we told him to say what he knew about who Jesus was and why he wanted to invite Him in.  Then as a family we prayed for Isaiah.  What a sweet moment.

Thank you God for helping my son see his need for you.  Please guide him and teach him and draw him close.  I pray that as Isaiah grows that he would desire to know you, to be with you and to serve you.  I pray that he would use his gifts and talents to bring glory and honor to your name.  Help us to know how best to teach and parent him.  Protect him, challenge him and hold him close. 

We rejoice with the angels in knowing that another soul is safely His!

Praising Him,