Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This was a fun outing with our homeschool group.  This started a number of years ago as a way to show off the art that the children did while using FIAR.  It has evolved to include music, drama and other talents as well.  

Sweet sharing of scripture by siblings.
We had piano, guitar and other instruments which were played.

The children enjoyed watching and hearing their friends.
Is this not the sweetest?  Mom and Dad joining in with their daughter while she sings an original composition!  Beautiful!
Isaiah did a stop action movie using his Legos.
A duet
Guitar playing and singing.
We also had tables around the room with lots of art!
Each was listed with the child's name so we knew who the artist was for each piece.

We had displays from children of all ages from 3 to 17.  I love the variety.
Can you see the detail in these tiny pieces of art?!
We have great variety in art too from pottery to drawings, legos to painting and more.
This is Daniel's Lego piece reflecting the story of Papa Piccolo.  I wish you could see the details he included like the cardboard box that the cats slept in and more.
This is Eliana's snowman to go along with The Snowy Day.  We did this in co-op though she actually really did hers at home.
These are some of the notebooks that my boys keep with the FIAR studies in it.
So much there and my pictures don't capture it all!

This is our group of participants.

This was just a fun picture at the end of the morning of a cup/clapping game that the older girls were playing.

This is a fun and low key way to share art/talent within a group.  I encourage you to try it if you  haven't before.