Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something new

I'm so behind on things and I apologize for any of you that may have been checking to see if I've posted.  Last week was so very busy with the play - and I will post pictures soon!  Just need to upload them.  It was a wonderful week and I'm just still playing catch up.  Wanting to post a little something fun though.

In February, our Mom's meeting involved travelling to various homes to see another person's "set-up" for homeschooling!  Doesn't that sound like fun?  I loved the opportunity to have a peek at how someone else does school and to hear how she organizes and runs things in her home.  We visited 3 homes.  Part of the fun too came in riding from house to house with each other.  Lots of good time to talk.

A few years ago, I changed our dining room into a school room.  We just weren't using it often as a dining room and it made more sense to change its function.  This thinking outside of the box has been a great change for our family.  What wasn't working as much is the large furniture also in the room housing china, crystal and silver.  As I'm talking with friends, I begin pondering other changes to our room - simplifying it even more and making it more functional for our homeschooling.

After talking, a friend sent me a note letting me know she had found a table that she thought was what I was wanting.  (Simple and plain).  She was right - it was perfect.  So we then prepared to get rid of our current furniture.  Our friends own a store selling furniture so they came to take ours away and also bring the new table.  Here is a peek at our dining room/school room.

This is our room with the table cleared of books - and also before I had wiped down the pad on the table.  (The pad helped keep the table in "pristine" condition.)

 This is the china cabinet.  Perfect for displaying our china, but not really what we need for our family right now.
 The side board with books on it and under it and all around it.  LOL
This is the room mostly cleaned out from our school supplies.  It looks nice, doesn't it?  Too late, the truck was on it's  way. 

I don't think I mentioned, but this beautiful table arrived as a gift!  :-)  Thank you precious friends!  My sweet friend listened to a prompting from God and completely blessed me with this gift!

The room seems so big and empty now without the extra furniture.  I'm really enjoying the space!  I would like to add some more shelves of some sort - especially something to hold a lot of the boxes of projects and things that I use for Eliana and the younger boys.  I'm hoping that perhaps our furniture will sell and we can use the money to put towards some additional storage.  Until then, I have time to ponder what would work best for us.

I'm thankful for the change in our space.  I am hoping to continue to work through our house to simplify our things and make our space more livable for us.  I'm thankful for friends with generous hearts!  I'm thankful for a Father who loves me and provides all that I need and often what I want too!