Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Changes in the Last Week

Has it been a week already?  So much seems like a blur.  I was reading back over some of my entries on the day of her surgery and was surprised that some of the details I didn't recall - like how I held on to her little bow.  I'm glad to have this wriiten record. 

I have noticed some changes over the last week.

  • Less sweating - my poor child was always warm.  When I'd hold her in my lap, my legs would end up wet where her head had been.

  • Her heart used to pound - really pound!  I could lay my hand on her chest and feel her heart working so hard!  This has been the most striking change to me.

  • Crying - more of this.  She hardly cried at all before.  Sometimes recently she would fuss to be fed - but not usually.  Now she has cried in pain more than I care to experience.  It is so hard to see and hear her fuss as it just isn't something she has done in the past.

  • Weight - She is looking chubbier - though maybe it's just my imagination.  We visit the pediatrician today and I'm curious to see what she has gained.

  • Eating - Twice she has taken 3 ounces since surgery.  This hasn't happened since January!  I'm hopeful that she will pick up quickly on this, but at the same time not wanting to push her on this.

  • Sleep - She sleeps a LOT less than she used to!  She wakes more easily to noise too.  Thankfully she is still able to fall asleep pretty easily - and often on her own.  Something none of my other children did at a young age.

Some things haven't changed - like her smile!  When I had heard that some babies lose skills, I really hoped that this wouldn't be true for her.  I hated to think of missing her smile.  It just lights up her whole face.  I'm so thankful for her smile! 

Some more numbers for you.

Countless - The prayers offered up and answered on behalf of my daughter and our family. 

105 - Ml or cc's per feeding.  That's 3.5 ounces.  Enough to sustain her weight, though will probably have to go up soon.  We will have to see how her body is handling excess fluid (one of her meds).

97 - Highest amount she has eaten via bottle since surgery - and that was the DAY AFTER surgery!!!  She did 90 today and I was thrilled!

7 - Number of feedings per day.  Every three hours - and blissfully still skipping the 3am one!  Eliana eats at 3, 6, 9 and 12 around the clock. 

3 - Number of medical appointments Eliana has this week.  One with the pediatrician, one with a feeding specialist and one with her surgeon.

2 - Number of medications Eliana is currently taking.  This does not include tylenol.  She is on lasix and oxycodone.

2 - Number of holes that are repaired!!!  Just the other night a friend's child commented on the holes in Eliana's heart.  Rebecca said "She doesn't have holes in her heart any longer!"  Oh, how sweet to hear those words!

1 - Precious little girl that is already impacting the world! 

I had planned to post yesterday/last night on how much better things were with Eliana's pain.  I had cut back on her pain meds and she was doing great ... until about 9:20pm.  She cried hard for about 10 to 15 minutes before falling asleep.  Then she woke about 10:50pm and cried for an hour.  She was gassy and fussy.  I did finally get her setttled (not sure if the mylicon helped or she was just worn out!).  Sweet baby slept the rest of the night.

Still working on the photos.  The slideshow is looking weird due to the striped shirt I was wearing one of the days.  I'll try to get it fixed today.  (Or I'll see if my dh or oldest son or sweet friend can fix it as I really don't know how.)

Thank you for praying and for caring about these details. 

Love to you all,