Sunday, May 24, 2009

Preschool Activity Bags

Just a quick post.  I want to share more about our homeschool conference this past week-end - but not sure I can do it justice tonight.  It was wonderful!  So many books and the speakers were awesome!  More to come.

I wanted to share about the Preschool Activity Bags for those who may not have heard of them.  I've done several swaps of this sort.  Years back we did our first swap with our local FIAR group.  We came up with ideas from the internet and others came up with their own.  It was a lot of fun and we got some wonderful (and still used) bags.

A few years ago, a book came out that detailed how to do a swap.  The instructions are clear, concise and detailed.  Each person in the swap gets a list of exactly what to include in the bag down to the label of instructions on the outside of the bag!  I loved coordinating a swap like this!

I hosted a swap in the fall and we had 28 participants!  That was a lot of bags!  We did the other book this spring and had 19 participants.  I highly recommend buying the Preschool Activities in a Bag books if you are interested in coordinating a swap. 

These bags make great gifts for others too!  It's wonderful to have all you need for a fun activity inside the bag.  No searching for miscellaneous things.  Daniel has been using these in his workboxes this year and enjoys them a lot.  I'm excited about having a whole new batch for him to use.

Here are the bags from our most recent swap.

I'm excited about hosting another swap some time this summer.  This will be using another book from the same publisher called Science Activities in a Bag.  This is geared for elementary aged children, but can be stretched to include older and younger.  I'll post more on that later.  If you are local and reading this and are interested in the swap - let me know.  (I'm happy to do non-local, but not sure how much the shipping would be for the bags.)  I think this will also be a great addition to our bags!