Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Field Trip to the Symphony

What a neat field trip.  I'm not a huge classical music fan.  Not because I don't like it, but I just haven't spent a lot of time with it.  Much of it though is very beautiful.  We went to a special showing geared for school aged children.  This was a perfect tie- in with two of the books that we have been studying - Babar (with Daniel) and The Saturdays (with Joshua and Isaiah).  Love it when it works out like that!

It was a cold and wet day  - perfect for being inside!  We met up with many of our friends (not all in the picture) to enjoy the performance.

We were seated in the upper section.  It was fun to hear the musicians warming up.

 The conductor did a fabulous job!!!  He introduced the various sections and each instrument greeted us with a song or sound.  These introductions were interspersed amongst other musical selections.  A great way to do it, we all thought.

 He did a super job explaining the songs and telling us about what was happening in the music.  I really enjoyed myself.  Made me think that I need to do a better job of incorporating more classical music into our days!
 One little fidgety girl did not like sitting still and listening.  Thankfully she was able to be still and quiet as long as she was able to play on my phone.
We enjoyed lunch out with some friends afterwards.  A delightful day.

One of the other things that we enjoyed during our study of Babar was making the meal.  We've never made the meal before since it includes peanuts.  Since Christopher wasn't home, we decided to try it.  Daniel is really loving all of the cooking with FIAR!  I think I may have another chef on my hands!  I'm hoping so anyway!  Here is one of the items - dessert.

Peanut butter chocolate bars.  Yummy!

We are off to a good start this semester with our schooling.  This is a slower month and a colder month so its a good time to get things done at home.  We are having fun and making memories - my favorite part of homeschooling.

I hope you are learning and enjoying it too!