Thursday, January 27, 2011

Princess Eliana goes to ...

I want to say "court".  Something fun and exciting.  Something to look forward to and dream about.  Someplace where you will be happy and pampered and loved.  Well, she will be loved wherever she goes, but this just isn't going to be fun.

We go to Duke tomorrow for her pre-op appointment.  I'm told we will be there about an hour and a half.  I know that consent forms will need to be signed.  I'm not sure if they will be doing any lab work.  I'm really hoping we can skip a blood draw, kwim?  She is a "hard stick" and given her recent opinion of doctors, this just won't endear them to her either.

In spite of signs that I'm seeing this week that she is having intestinal problems, I'm still feeling calm.  I'm honestly trying not to think too much about it or to worry.  Worry won't change anything.  She either has celiacs disease or she doesn't.  I'm just trying to enjoy feeding her anything she wants while I can.  Our diet has the possibility of changing drastically.  So this week, she eats mac & cheese, goldfish, crackers and cereal.  (She also has other non-gluten foods too!)

There is no way that I know of to explain to Eliana what is going to happen to her.  Even if I could, I think it might just worry her.  So for now, I'll carry it for her.  I think that perhaps even if she could understand that she would still let me carry the burden.  I'm not sure she is going to be a worrier. 

We would love your prayers for a smooth process today.  I'll post an update when I'm able to.  We will be going back on Monday for the endoscopy.  We will then have the results in a week (or less?). 

I would also love prayers for her health.  She needs to be in good health in order to have the testing done.  There seems to be a LOT of stuff going around now and I really don't want any of it.  As I mentioned earlier, she is having GI problems.  She isn't sick and I am just left to wonder if this is the celiacs that I am seeing.  I'll know soon enough.

Thank you for praying for our princess.

With love,

Gingerbread and Supermom?

Sometimes I have people ask, "how do you do it all?".  The answer is easy - I don't!!!  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Its a juggle each day trying to figure out how to best spend my time.  I've done a lot of juggling in this new year.  Still need to do some more as well.  (I'll post more on that soon.)  There just aren't enough hours in the day to get it "all" done. 

I'll give you a glimpse at what running behind looked like one day at our house. 

Each Christmas we try to do some of the same activities - things that are favorites with my children.  I think I've mentioned that I have a number of them that really love tradition.  One of their favorites is making a gingerbread house. 

Well, this year, I just didn't get to it.  I did however find one on sale - for about $2.50 - at Sam's after Christmas.  This was too good to pass up!  So we made a house in mid-January this year. 

I really didn't mind that we did it so late.  They were eager to eat it soon after making it.  I had no problem with that either.  Meant it sat on my counter for a shorter amount of time.  LOL

Everyone is happy.  It's never too late to have some fun.

Hope you are having a fun week at your house!