Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Isaiah

Two of our boys have their birthdays really close together ... just six days apart.  They are also close in age (2 years apart) and have often shared a birthday celebration.  Just made since to have one party for both of them.  Since this was Joshua's 13th birthday with its own celebration, we did two separate celebrations - really felt like more as we celebrated their "day" and then another time later too.

On their actual birthday, they are able to pick out the foods for each meal and also the activities for the day.  Isaiah chose biscuits and sausage gravy.  Yum - and gluten free too!  (Notice the red plate and the special chair again.)

 Gift giving happens early as some people are just too excited to wait.  That is fun too!
 It was fun having Christopher home with us too!
 Just love this picture of 3 of my guys!
 This one is sweet too.  Isaiah received a lot of neat things for his birthday.  Including several spy gear things.
 Christopher gave the boys a new archery set for their birthdays.
 Isaiah loves food.  I know we all do, but he seems to appreciate it more than most.  He chose buffalo wings, potato rounds and chili for his lunch menu.
 We all enjoyed his selection.
 New computer games that he has been wanting - and really enjoying and learning a lot from too!
 After lunch, its time for more fun outside - including golf and capture the flag.
 We had planned to go out, but due to the sickness of a friend, we postponed it to another day.  We did still celebrate dinner with pizza and a cake.

One day during Christopher's fall break, we headed over to Adventure Landing in Raleigh.  Isaiah wanted to play laser tag and they had a great deal going on the day we went!

 In addition to playing several games of laser tag, each person was given 10 tokens to spend in the arcade.  Eliana and I went in to watch one of the games of laser tag, but I think it scared her so we left before the game started.  Roger and I took turns playing.  It was my first time and it was a lot of fun!  Our team played against 2 other families during the last round - and lets just say that our competitive spirit really showed in the scores.  LOL

 Everyone enjoyed the games.

 It was a fun place to celebrate our sweet young man.

Isaiah, I love you!  I love your sweet and gentle spirit.  I love how you seek to please others and make them happy.  You have an amazingly generous heart and spirit and love to give to others!  You are smart and creative and curious.  I enjoy hearing about the things you are learning and love exploring the world with you.  Oh, and you give the best hugs!!!

I'm thankful for the ways that you play with your siblings and the peacemaking spirit that I so often see in your actions.  I love your smile and your energy and your heart for Jesus.  I pray that you would grow in wisdom and knowledge and most of all love for our Savior!  I am so thankful to be your Mom and am so glad to have you as my son!

I love you!