Sunday, July 29, 2007

Walking in the Rain

I've been absent from the computer for a few days.  I've gotten on here and there, but not enough to really do much.  I'll try to post a little more this week as I have pictures I want to share.  (We took a family photo yesterday that I thought would be fun to see.)  I also want to update on Rebecca's Wholehearted sales.  She is getting close to her goal - the high in the sky, unrealistic one. 

We went to church this morning.  One of only a few times that I've been with Eliana since she has been born.  The timing of services with her feedings lately just hasn't worked out.  I'm glad I went this morning though.  The pastor started out saying that he hoped that what he was going to say wasn't needed by anyone.  But that even if we didn't need it now, that we probably have in the past and definitely would again in the future.  The topic was about worship and walking with God in the midst of struggles.  Oh yes, that is where I am walking.

The part that I liked most was a video clip by Rob Bell called "Rain".  It was a beautiful word picture of God caring for us in the midst of difficulties and trials.  He talked of a time when he went for a walk with his 1yo son in a backpack.  As they started it was a beautiful day for a hike.  When they got to the halfway point and were on the return the sky began to get cloudy and soon was raining.  The rain turned into a storm and even the trees didn't provide enough shelter.  He talked about the reaction of his son.  How he became frightened and then cried and eventually screamed.  He talked of how this should be our reaction - to cry out when we are scared, hurting and in pain - to God.  There are many examples in the Bible of this.  Being weak and unable to continue is a sign of our weakness - and through this weakness, God only is shown to be strong.  Being afraid or weary isn't a sign that we aren't following Christ.  In fact, He has told us to come to Him when we are weak and heavy-laden.  It isn't IF, but when

I know that God showed me this awhile back as I was reading the Psalms and it comforted me.  I was reassured to hear it again today.  There are times when I feel like I'm failing if I'm sad or overwhelmed.  That somehow I don't measure up.  That perhaps my witness is weak or poor.  I've had people question me about this at times, though most of the time people seem to find comfort in knowing that in the midst of the struggle I am trying to turn to God.  It isn't always easy and often I feel like I'm not doing a very good job.  I guess that is when  any good that is seen im my life, is recognized as God - and only God.

The story of the Dad and his son continues with the Dad finally taking the boy out of the pack and holding him tightly to his chest.  They walk through the storm together with the son wrapped in his father's arms.  The dad comforts the child by whispering over and over that he loves him and is going to take care of him.  Isn't this just what God is doing for me - for you - for all of us?  He loves us so very much and wants us to be comforted while we are in His arms.  Comforted that when we cry out to God, He reaches out to hold us tightly and whisper in our ears how much He loves us.  That He is going to take care of us. 

So as I'm walking in the rain, I'm trying to listen and remember that He loves me.  He is holding me tightly.  He is going to take care of me.

More later on our week ahead - but now I need to go spend some time with my family.

With love