Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday!

I'm going to postdate this so that it shows up on Christopher's birthday even though it is actually the day after.  Happy Birthday Christopher!!!  Has it been 15 years?  That sounds so old when I think of children - and of course you have become a young man right before my eyes.  What a fine young man you are too.  I couldn't have asked for more in a son.  What a blessing you have been from the moment we knew of you - to the moment we first saw you - to the moment that is now and all of the many moments in between.  I thank God every day for you!

Before you arrived I never knew what an amazing gift children were.  I never knew that being a Mom would be the most amazing journey that I would ever take.  I never knew that my emotions could be taken in so many directions or that I could feel so incredibly blessed with just a hug from my child.

Christopher, I love so many things about you - but mostly I just love you!  I love the passion you have for a variety of things that interest you and the motivation to learn more.  I enjoy learning things with you and watching you mature.  I love seeing you play with your siblings and the delight they take in being with you.  I love being with you - you are fun, interesting, dependable and helpful.

I pray for you that you would grow in wisdom and knowledge of our Lord - but mostly that your love for Him would grow abundantly.  I pray that you would always know how deeply you are loved and that you have been created for a special  purpose.  I pray that you would walk the path God has for you with courage, strength and dependence on Him.  I pray for you daily these and many more things.

I love you Christopher!

My time to write is short as our day is full.  I feel like I  could write so much more about our oldest son - the one who made me a Mom!  It will have to wait for another day.

Eliana and I are leaving today (Thur) for a week-end away with some dear friends that we've known for years.  These are friends I've worked with in the Five in a Row (homeschooling) community.  I'm a little anxious about travelling, though am expecting Eliana to be a super traveller.  We would love your prayers for our travels and our entire family while we are apart. 

Today we are also planning a small memorial for our little one in heaven.  We are planting a rose bush near some that we've planted in the past.  We are also planting a tree given to us by friends.  I think both of these will be a sweet remembrance.  I'll write more as I can later.

Thank you for your prayers and notes.  I'm sorry I haven't been able to write back to each of you - but know that I appreciate your thoughtulness and prayers so very much and will write as soon as I'm able. 

With love,