Monday, April 9, 2012

More on Rebecca's Trip

My computer got a little whacked out last night so I wasn't able to post these pictures.  Just wanted to share a few of them.  More on Easter soon.

We left early in the morning to take Rebecca to the airport.  We arrived at 4:30am on Easter Sunday.  Rebecca found a jello egg to take as a snack.  LOL
 Isaiah and Christopher and I went with her to the airport.
 We met her team that is going to the Dominican Republic.  There are 7 high school students and two leaders from our church that are going.  They will be working with a church there.
 On their way.  Heading into the unknown.  Following God's call for each of them to go and serve.
We received brief messages last night that they had arrived safely and been able to go to church with the team they'll be working with this week.  Rebecca said that the beaches were beautiful!

We are hoping to talk/skype with her sometime this week.  In the meantime, we'll pray.  Praying that God will work in unmistakable ways to show His love, grace and mercy both in and through them and those with whom they are working.

In grace,