Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day at Elodie Farms

We spent a beautiful day today out with our FIAR group on a field trip.  We went to Elodie Farm which is a goat and dairy farm.  We were met by the nicest man that owns and runs the farm.  When asked about the story behind the name of the farm, he told us he named it for his mom.  It is pronounced like Melody without the "M".  He said a friend told him it is because the "mmmm" is in the cheese.  (I agree!)

We started the tour by walking down the pastures.  It was a lovely, peaceful site. 

When the farmer called, the goats came from a far pasture.  It was fun to watch them coming - and Eliana started signing "dog".  lol  Close - but not dogs. 

We then split into 2 groups with the youngest children going on the first (shorter) tour.  We were shown the areas in which the goats entered the dairy area to be milked.  He explained the milking process - which is done on a platform. 

Then we went into the "kitchen" area and learned about how he made goat cheese.  Someone asked him how he learned and he said he bought a book.  He also has talked often with the author who he said helped him a great deal.  He also confessed that he made a lot of bad cheese his first year. 

The cheese is drained like this.

Cheese by the window drying out.

He makes all varieties of cheese with the exception of mozzerella.  He had samples ready for us to try.  I tried the feta - and it was delicous!!!  So much better than any other that I've had.  He told us that this was because it was fresh.  YUM!  Feta is in the bowl on the left and chevre on the right.

There were a lot of baby goats which the kids had a blast petting and playing with.  Eliana and Daniel liked feeding the kids grass.

The goats liked nibbling on their fingers, hair, clothing - pretty much anything that they could get to.  lol  All of the children enjoyed holding, playing with and watching the goats. 

After both groups of children toured, we stayed for a picnic lunch on his lawn.  He was so very gracious to us!  It was such a relaxing, beautiful setting. 

Rebecca asked if I would like to live on a farm like this and I said yes.  Then she asked if I would like to have goats.  I said yes.  Then she asked if I'd like to make cheese.  Again, I said yes.  The final question was if I'd like getting up early in the morning to milk them and I said that she could have that job.  LOL  I know it's a lot of work!  I loved the setting!

It was another great outing with our group of friends.  If you live in the area, I highly recommend a tour!  And a taste of the cheese of course!