Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Night of the Moonjellies

We've been rowing Night of the Moonjellies this week.  It's such a fun book!  I have an autographed copy that I got signed at a Five in a Row conference about 7 years ago.  Mark Shasha, the author, attended and signed our copy with our children's names in it.  Well, our children at that time.  Daniel was quite miffed that his name is not in the book.  I tried to explain that it was before he was born, but he wasn't very satisfied with that answer.  lol

My boys are very excited about having a restaurant of our own.  Isaiah said that we would have to invite everyone we knew so that it would be crowded like the one in the book.

We talked some about running a restaurant.  I asked them some questions about what it would be like to have their own business.  I had to share the answers that Isaiah gave. 

Where would your business be located?

Next to the beach (just like in the book)

If you owned a business what would be your responsibilities?

Counting up the money and doing the register.

What is the name of your restaurant?

Golden Food

If you owned your own restaurant, what would you need to be?  (I was thinking character trait here.)

The boss.

I haven't taken a lot of photos of our week (shame on me, I know).  Here is one of the lessons on listing the foods in the story.

Sometime after Easter, we'll plan our restaurant and I'll definitely have pictures then!