Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Days and Baseball

Joshua is our baseball player.  He likes reading books about baseball and watching games.  This is his first year playing other than t-ball a couple of years ago.  He is having a great time too.  He even dreams of being a major league ball player when he grows up.  The only problem is that his skills don't match his dreams.  (I'm not sure that will stop him though!)

You see, until a week ago, Joshua had never hit the ball.  In spite of this, he went cheerfully to each game and practice and had a great time.  Last week he was thrilled to make his first hit.  I was happy too - and also bummed because I missed it!

This week we had 3 games scheduled as make ups (rained out games).  The first game was Fri night and our whole family went.  What a thrill to see Joshua hit the ball again!  He made it safely to first base, and eventually with the help of a few more batters, to home!  You should have heard the yelling - and it wasn't just his family!  His whole team - and their parents - were cheering for Joshua.  I don't think it has escaped anyone's notice that he hasn't hit it much.  I also hope that they notice his incredible attitude and sportsmanship!  I wish I'd taken a picture of his face - what happiness.

The next game was Sat morning and due to other sports conflicts (Christopher and football), our family was split.  I was excited to go to Joshua's game.  It was even more exciting when he hit the ball - and made it to second base!  When the next batter came up, he made it home!!!  Yippee!!!  This was so exciting. 

After the game, the umpire came over to the dugout and waited while the coach talked to the team.  When he finished, the ump called Joshua to come over.  (And she called him by name!)  She asked if she could give him a hug and told him what a great job he had done.  She even commented on the fact that he had made hits in the last three games.  I was astonished that she had noticed.  (She is a great ump - very encouraging to the kids.)  This really touched my heart.

The last game was supposed to be today (Sunday), but the other team cancelled due to not enough players.  Since our team was already there, they had a game against the parents and siblings.  The baseball team won!  I think having to hit against the pitching machine gave some a new appreciation for the difficulty in doing that.

I've learned a lot from watching Joshua.  He has a great attitude.  My Dad would be proud.  (He was a coach and really focused on having a good attitude.)  I'm proud of him too.  He has had fun playing baseball and being a part of a team even when he doesn't do well.  I haven't seen him get mad or upset.  He just takes things as they are and moves on.  He cheers for his teamates and does his best.  He is a great example.  I'm thankful that God gave me this boy to love and also to learn from. 

We head into playoffs this week with the first (hopefully) game on Wed.  I'm hoping that Joshua can keep up his streak and get another hit!