Thursday, October 25, 2007

9pm update ...

Eliana just woke up from a long nap.  I thought it best to let her sleep.  She is burning up.  Temp over 104 again..  I fixed her a bottle - which she wanted.  She drank a small amount - less than an ounce - and then threw up.  :-(  My poor sweet baby.  I hate that she feels so badly. 

Please pray for her health and for wisdom as we treat her.  Pray that this would pass quickly from her - and not  pass to the rest of the family!

On a personal note, I've committed to do some things the next couple of days and I'd love wisdom on how to either do them, ask others to do them or just let them go.  I know my friends will understand.

Off to be with my baby,


Update at 7pm on Eliana

When we arrived at the ped, Eliana's temp was at 104.3.  :(  Guess I do need to add a degree to my thermometer.  They did a variety of tests on her to try to determine the cause of the infection.   (She wasn't thrilled with any of them either.  Her ped commented that this was only the second time she had seen her cry and the first was after her open-heart surgery.)

*Urine - (put a bag on her) - all looked and tested fine.

*CBC - (blood) - All blood counts are within normal ranges.  No  numbers alarming in any way.

*O2 Sat - (oxygen) - Her numbers were at 97 which is good.

*Ears - no sign of infection

*Heart/Lungs - All looks good there too.

*G-tube site - looks good, no signs of infection

At this point, there is nothing "blatant" that lets us know what is causing the infection.  She thinks it is probably a virus that will just need to run its course.  She didn't want to prescrive antibiotics (which I'm in agreement with) unless they were needed.  If this does go to her ears, we want to be able to treat that, but not give her meds unnecessarily.

She said it could be respiratory which would turn into a cold type of sickness.  She thought it more likely that it is a gastrointestinal (due to the loose stools) which could mean she ends up dealing with more diarrhea or worse, vomiting.

She is able to eat some, but I'll use the tube if needed to keep her hydrated and as healthy as possible.  This is just exactly what Dr. L is afraid would happen in the winter and why she wants to keep her tube in place.  I'm going to offer foods orally and let her take what she will. 

She is still soooo very hot - even with the tylenol.  She is uncomfortable when awake and is currently sleeping on my lap.

We talked about what we'd done this week.  Most of our outings have been doing things outdoors - the Buddy Walk, picking up things at the State Fair & Farmers Market, going to a corn maze - and one indoor activity was Kindermusik.  The music class was 2 days ago so it fits.  None of the rest of us are sick.  I'm so sad that it has hit my sweet baby girl.

Please continue to pray for her healing.  Please pray that she does not throw up!  The thought of her having to deal with that makes me sad.   The good news is that she looks good overall and the ped said she is in a better place health wise to deal with this than she was a couple of months ago.

Please pray that the rest of us would stay healthy and that I would find balance in the things I need to do.  I know that this is part of God's plan for us and I'm trying to relax in it as best I can.  I know that the prayers of many are aiding in that so much!

My boys are cooking dinner tonight to go along with their FIAR book.  It smells good (and I really hope nobody gets sick after eating). 

With love,

PS  Forgot to mention that our sweet ped is  going to call me tomorrow (she isn't in the office to check on Eliana).  She is also on call over the week-end in case we need her.  She is just the best!

Prayer Request for Eliana

She is just not feeling well today.   She woke up in the night - fussy.  Really not like her.  When I picked her up she seemed warm but I wasnt sure if it was from the blankets or a temp.  She also seemed to be a little runny-nosed. 

Well, I just took her temp - at least 101 under the arm.  I finally stopped as it was taking sooooo long.  I'm not sure if this is one of the thermometers that adjusts for under the arm or not which is why I said it was at least 101. 

She is also loose (for her) and just miserable.  She wasn't able to take a fully bottle this morning and just sobbed until she fell asleep in my arms. 

I have a call in to her ped.  I'm just not sure if she needs to be seen or not.  With my others I would give tylenol and wait.  I'm fine doing this with Eliana too - but I'm unsure.  It makes me feel like a new parent again.  SHe just has other issues to consider - heart, feeding/tube and Down syndrome.  I don't want to be negligent because I'm not doing the right things, KWIM?

For now, I'm holding my sleeping baby and praying for her health.  I'm trying to remember that God had this as part of my plans for the day.  While my plans included planning for a class I'm teaching on Sat for our Keepers Group and the following tea party as well as planning for our hs groups family event next week - well, they may have to wait.  Oh, and I was hoping on our first day home this week just to relax - just not in this way.  This isn't an interuption, it is what I'm intended to do.  (Talking to myself here.)

I'm so very thankful that she has not been sick until now.  Considering all the times we have been in and out of doctor's offices and the hospital - that is a praise!  Like most parents, I just kept hoping that she would never get sick.  Now, just praying that it passes quickly.

Need to run - chaos in reigning in the rest of the house.



 ETA:  Took her temp at 1:30 and it was up to 103.  This was after being asleep on me for a good long while. 

We are going to see our ped at 5pm.  Any of my other children and I wouldn't be going in.  They even said the same thing - if it were another child she probably wouldn't need to be seen.  With all that she has had though, they want to be careful and I do appreciate that!  This is Eliana's first time being sick.  I knew it would come, but am so sorry it's here.  She is being a little angel about it though.  I've held her most of the day and that has kept her happy.

They had no appointments for today - just after hours with a doctor I don't know or going to the other office where we also don't know anyone (which I told her would be fine).  She had me hold for a moment and then came back and said our ped would meet us at 5pm.  :hcry:  She is so very wonderful to us.  This isn't the first time she has met us after her work hours have ended.  Thank you God for placing this woman in the hospital when Eliana was born. 

The tylenol has helped with her fever (down from 103 to about 100.5).  They want to make sure there is no infection at her tube site - and just generally check her out.  She does seem to be feeling better since the meds - though still has a fever.

Thanks for your prayers.  Will update more when I can.