Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guess what we are learning about???

Well, here's a hint.  Yesterday, July 15th was a celebration of sorts.  In fact, the whole month is a celebration.

It's National Ice Cream Month!  We are doing a fun unit study on Ice Cream that can be found on Homeschool Share.  It's free!  My children think it is a fabulous thing to study ice cream - and what a great excuse to eat a lot of it!

On our first day we did the geography and social studies lessons.  We learned about the top 5 ice cream consuming countries in the year 2000.  Everyone was proud to be living in the country that ranked #1 for the year.  (I'm sure we've done our part.)  We learned a little about the history of ice cream and read an interesting book.

The highlight of the evening however was going to get ice cream.  I wasn't sure we were going to make it, but at the last moment decided to go for it.  We met friends at a nearby dairy and had the most delicious ice cream!

Eliana loves ice cream!  She ate strawberry.

We sat on the porch of the store and watched a lovely sunset.  It was a lovely evening.  We'll have to do it again.