Monday, April 21, 2008

Potty Training ...

Words that strike fear - or maybe just dread - into the hearts of many moms!  Or is it just me???  Uggghhh!  Of all the things I've had to teach my children, this is one of them that I dread most.  *sigh*  I've done it four times already, you would think it would be no big deal by this point, huh?

I'm thinking my next two may give me the biggest challenge yet - and I would LOVE to be proved wrong!!!

We are late in training Daniel.  I had planned to train him after "the baby" was born.  Well, our sweet baby, Eliana, came with more to deal with and potty training took a back burner for quite a long time.  It was just too much.  We did try briefly for awhile, but he was not interested so we gave up.  Then, we began dealing with sensory issues with Daniel and his therapist recommended waiting.  We did.  Well, I've waited long enough now - the boy needs to be trained.

We started yesterday and it's going ... OK.  Not great.  He hasn't yet "figured it out".  Ugh.  I really don't like doing this, but it needs to be done. 

Anyone really good at this?  I'd be willing to hire out?!  :-D  Advice?  Prayers?

More later as I've uploaded more pics of things I've been promising to share.