Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Field Trip Day - Field Events

We started a fun tradition last year by ending our year with a Field Events Day.  Everyone had so much fun, we decided it should be an annual event.  We held it at the same park with a huge field for games, a covered shelter for a picnic lunch and a playground.

The day started overcast and a little drizzly.  We waited it out and had a blast! 

This is a fun day to do some of those games and events that as homeschoolers, we don't often get the chance to do.  We split the children into several groups by age to do the events.

One group did races - egg and spoon race, 3-legged race, sack race and backwards race.

 Trying to figure out timing on the 3-legged race is always a challenge. 

These two hopped on one foot and kept their tied feet off the group.  Clever - and pretty successful too.

The other group competed in softball throw, broad jump and horseshoes.  This is Christopher throwing the ball.  I think his football is paying off here as he had the longest throw.

 The broad jump.


The youngest children had a small area where they could play tee-ball, bean bag toss and races.  They mainly just liked to play which was fine.

Rebecca showed Eliana how to play tee-ball - and she loved it!



We took some group photos - and some photos of the winners in several catagories.  Here is one that I wanted to share.  Rebecca came in 3rd in the broad jump.   She fell back on her bottom (hurting it) and was short just an inch from 2nd place (her brother - who didn't want to fall backwards and told me that he had the perfect landing).  Love the effort in going up against the bigger guys!  Their effort was great too!

We took a break for lunch and then played a few more games.  First we played "Melt the Ice".  It's a simple game and I loved seeing kids from 4 to 16 playing it!  We divided the group in half.  The goal is to melt the ice the fastest.  You pass the ice around the group trying to melt yours first.  You can't put the ice in your mouth.  We started with 3 ice cubes in each group.  We did a few more the next round. 

We ended the formal games with kickball which is always a hit. 

Once again, I'm thankful for good friends and the ability to share these memory making times with them.