Monday, August 20, 2007

The truck is here

***As I've written this and looked back over it I realize that it is utterly depressing.  I'm not sure if you will want to read beyond this.  Don't if you don't want to just read sadness.  That's all that is here.  I'm just overwhelmed with sadness right now.  ***

What a thing to get up to this morning.  My daughter walked in with tears in her eyes.  When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that the truck was in front of their house.  It didn't really hit me - until I saw it for myself.  I remembered the last time a truck was there  - 7 and a half years ago - and how very happy we were to have our friends moving in beside us.  And now ... something we never thought would happen. 

I want to be there.  I want to help, but I can barely keep it together.  And honestly I'm not all that much help either while holding Eliana.  So I'm here.  Just sobbing.  I'm tired and weary from this ride.  I'm ready to get off.  Yes, I know that this is not the most difficult thing people are facing.  Yes, I know that it isn't a life and death scenario.  Yes, I know that we'll still be friends.  I also know that I am going to miss her - and her family - so very much.  How often is that someone is blessed like we have been - to live right next door to each other?  I am thankful for the time we've had.  I'm also sad for the time we had thought we'd have - and won't. 

Just last night I was reading an article in a homeschool magazine about special needs children.  I'm sure at a different time it would have been - or maybe will be - encouraging.  For now, it was just depressing.  It talked about the weariness of caring for a child with special needs and how most people just don't understand.  Having walked on both sides now, I realize how true that is for me.  I know that I tried to be helpful and supportive.  I did the best that I could and hope that I was helpful.  I can see now that I should have done so much more - though I couldn't have known that then.  I saw how hard it was which is probably why I prayed over and over and over again that Eliana would not have Down syndrome.  Yes, specifically that prayer. 

That sounds horrible I'm sure.  I love my little girl so very much.  I wouldn't give up having her for anything.  I am so very thankful Eliana is in our family.  I have watched my precious friend love her little boy so very much.  I have also watched her struggle with the weight of caring for him - the changes in how you do things, the endless therapies, the years of stages that you hope that they will one day grow out of and the huge unknowns about the future that are so very different from the unknowns with your other children.

When Eliana was born, we both heard over and over again how blessed I was to have a friend that had a child with DS.  Honestly, at the time I didn't really like hearing that.  It was as if somehow the road would be easy.  I think what they meant was that I would have someone walking the road with me that not only loved me, but that understood the weight of this path.  I have struggled at times with sharing the weight - wondering how others would take it.  Some have told me to be happy for the good things.  I do try.  I can't ignore the pain either though.  It's hard to balance sharing the love and joy that a special child can bring while also being honest about the fears and struggles that come too. 

I don't understand.  I feel so much now that I don't want to feel.  This is hard - so very hard.  Why is this a part of God's plan?  Why now? 

I hesitate even posting this.  It's raw and not very pretty.  I'm weary and hurt.

Thank you for your prayers.