Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Joshua!

We celebrated Joshua's 12th birthday last week.  Really, 12?  He still seems so young to me.  I remember when I thought 12 was so old.  Its all perspective isn't it?  I can remember when 30 seemed really old too.  LOL

We were reminded of Joshua's upcoming birthday all through the week.  Signs on post it notes, the computer - and the funniest was a note on Daniel's fedora announcing how many days were left until the big day!

We celebrated over two days because Joshua wanted to be able to celebrate *with* Christopher.  We were all happy to have some time with him.
On Friday night, Christopher and his roommate Joe came over.  They played some football outside and then we had dinner.  Played some games on the Wii.  Had birthday cake.  One of the highlights was lighting the candles for himself.

Happy Birthday Joshua!

 The next day we focused more on Joshua.  We like to have the birthday child pick out whatever they want to do on their day.  (within reason)  For Joshua's 12th, I numbered 12 Popsicle sticks with the hopes that he would be able to do 12 things he liked.  This included picking out foods he wanted to eat at each meal - including waffles and chocolate milk for breakfast and cauliflower casserole for lunch.
 I also made a sign for him that we worked on through out the day.  This has been a really fun thing.  I've left it hanging up and I often find him looking at the list.  I recommend it as I think it is a real affirming gift!
 One of the games we played was finding a hidden lego guy.  Can you spot him?
 Here's a closer look.
One of the things he wanted to do was to visit the Lego store.  No problem!  We thought this was a lot of fun when we went in June for Daniel's birthday.  Well, it is VERY different going on a Saturday!  It was so very crowded!  (I will say that if possible, I will not go on a week-end again!)

He wanted some specific things and went right to the wall to pick them out.
 We stayed until choices were made (all 3 of my boys were looking and spending birthday money).
 Joshua wanted Taco Bell for dinner.  :-)
 One of his gifts.  Can you tell what it is?  He really liked the wrapping - it's a lego in his favorite color!
Joshua, I'm thankful for you.  I'm thankful for the many things you have showed me and taught me over the years.  I'm thankful for your sense of humor and creativity.  I see this in things you make, stories you tell and games you create.

I love your interest in so many things from learning about the Bible, to legos, to historical events and more.  You are fun to talk with because you have interests in so many areas.

I love to see you play with your siblings.  I especially love to see you sing and play with your little sister.  I also love hearing you laugh as you play legos, or wii games or outside games too.

I have watched you deal with more in the last couple of years than any child should have to deal with.  You are brave and I know that you are learning things that will help you in life.  I pray that it helps you to be more compassionate and sensitive to others.  (((Joshua)))

I'm so thankful that God blessed us with you!  You are a precious gift from God!

I love you!