Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day.  How could I not when I was surrounded by all of the wonderful little people that call me Mom/Mommy/Mama. 

Roger had to go to work early (Carolina's graduation) and the kids and I hung out at the house.  We decided to have our own worship at home since Daniel seemed to have a bit of a runny nose and was not interested in going to Sunday School without his Dad (he helps teach the class). 

I was greeted in the morning by a chorus of sweet voices saying "Happy Mother's Day" and entering with a breakfast in bed.  Some of my favorite foods - grits (YUM), eggs, bacon, biscuit and an Orange Julius.  It was all delicious!  Rebecca has become quite a good cook!

I also received some beautiful hand-made cards from Daniel, Isaiah and Eliana (with her handprint).  Joshua didn't give me a card, but did do a "jig" for me (his words).  LOL  Christopher put a greeting on my screensaver for me - a twirling text saying Happy Mother's Day.  Rebecca bought a lovely card for me.

When I came downstairs, I was greeted by a virtual florist shop of beautiful flowers!  Along with gifts - chocolate in a couple of varieties, tic tacs and a new necklace that Rebecca made for me. 

When Roger came home, he brought in some of the lovely roses from one of our bushes outside as well as another gift - a nail care set.  I have such a thoughtful family!  For lunch Rebecca and Christopher worked together to make this delicious club sandwich with grilled chicken.  Yummy!

I spent some time doing things I wanted to do.  (Tried to clean out my email box a little bit).  Also read a book.

We went to Rebecca's soccer game in the afternoon.  It was a fun game and she played really well.  (Yes, she made a goal and several assists.)

Dinner was taco mac salad - a family favorite.  I loved not having to cook or clean in the kitchen all day!  Thank you to my sweet family.

Rebecca made my favorite for dessert - banana pudding.  A sweet ending to a sweet day.

I thank God each day for blessing me with such an amazing family.  I am truly blessed!