Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Tea Party

Rebecca wanted to host a Valentine's Tea Party this year for some friends.  She did everything for the party.  She made the invitations, planned the menu, purchased the food, made the food, decorated the table - everything!  She is a pretty amazing young lady and I love seeing her gifts and how she shares them with others.  She most definitely has the give of giving!!!  She is also very creative, thoughtful and interested in blessing others.  A very sweet combination.

The party was planned for Saturday and we hoped that the snow forecast would not interfere.  Thankfully, there was a good snow - enough to play with in the morning, nothing on the streets to interfere with getting around and mostly gone at our house by the afternoon.

This is the beautiful table decorated for our guests. 

Here are the foods Rebecca prepared.  On the far left are sugar cookies with sprinkles.  In the center are cookies with a citrus glaze on top (so very yummy!).  On the right, fresh blueberry bread that was still warm when we ate it. 

Continuing around the table, we see the bread again on the left, then cucumber sandwiches (one of my favorites!) and then homemade fortune cookies!  She made these with a homemade dough, put the fortunes inside and sprinkled the outside with sugar and sprinkles.  Fun!

Can you believe she made even more?!  Chocolate covered strawberries, ham and cheese sandwiches and some m & m's.  It was all delicious too!

We enjoyed the time with our friends.  The boys didn't join us, but did enjoy some of the goodies that Rebecca made.

Thank you Rebecca for planning a sweet afternoon for the girls.  It was a fun time had by all!

We had planned on Eliana joining us for the tea party, but it happened during her nap time.  No need to worry though as Rebecca would never leave her out of the fun.  She had her own little tea party for two.  This one was even a dress up party!

Eliana was delighted.  I love that Rebecca went to the trouble to make this special for her too with a small tea set and even the clothes!

Thanks Rebecca for a wonderful afternoon!

Love you,