Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thur 11pm - If you are reading, please pray

Joshua is having fluctuating blood sugars - and they are low.  We tested at 9 and it was 68 which is low for him (under 80).  Gave juice and then a snack.  Sugars better 109.  Felt badly an hour or so later and tested again.  49.  That is really low.  Juice again.  Next test 108.  He still feels badly though and we don't know if it's a low or being sick.  Yes, he was sick again this morning. 

Please pray for him.  Lows can be dangerous and we just want to do the right thing for our sweet boy.  This combined with the extended sickness has been hard.

More info on low sugars for type1.  Don't read if it will worry you.  I know this is common, but it is our first time dealing with a sugar that doesn't seem to be responding as it should.

Will update later.  As you are praying, know that we still have a virus in our house.  Daniel is down with it now.  :-( 

Short update:  Joshua is asleep now and we'll be checking on him again at 2am.  Hopefully he is stable. 

He felt badly after the juice and snacks.  (Had 2 rounds of snacks and 2 juice boxes.)  Not sure if it was just the food/drink or the sickness he has been battling.  He asked me when this was going to be over - the diarhea and vomitting.  :(  It has been going on for almost a week now - though not non-stop. 

I'm off to sleep now.   Will update tomorrow.