Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Workbox System

I'm excited about something that I wanted to share here.  I've shared this with my local homeschool group and also with friends I on a recent retreat.  There are many of us excited about this and I wanted to share it here in case others would be encouraged by this.  We are loving this system!

A friend of mine, Sue Patrick, another homeschool mom, has devised a plan for organizing your school day that is brilliant.  I've been interested in doing this for quite some time, but just not gotten around to doing it.  Well, I invited Sue Patrick to share her Workbox System in a workshop for our homeschool group.  I started it the next day.

Here are some of the basics, though I encourage you to buy Sue's book to really understand the details of how it works!  Each child has their own set of 12 workboxes.  They are set up so that the child can work independently through some of them and others are "work with mom" boxes.  The boxes are numbered and the child moves through them sequentially.

As the child works through a box, the box is then removed from the shelf so that they can see their work diminishing.  They can see exactly what is expected of them each day and how much they have left to do before their school day is over.  They can also see fun things in boxes which helps to motivate them to finish the more difficult boxes.

One of the biggest benefits that I have seen is that we are accomplishing more and in less time.  I'm doing so much of the "fun" stuff that seems to get put off and my children are loving it!  We've added back more art, music and games.  I am working to get our day organized and we are all reaping the results!  I can't say enough to praise this system. 

You can visit Sue's website HERE to read more about it.

I'd be happy to answer any questions too as a happy user of this system.  :-)