Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Looking back, I can say I am so very thankful that we were all feeling great on Christmas day!  :-)  We have had quite a month of sickness it seems.  Spread out and usually only hitting one or two of us at a time.  Its been quite wearying actually.  We are all really hoping that the germs are about gone and that soon we will be past all of this!

We have a traditional opening of one gift on Christmas Eve - new pajamas.

 Eliana was delighted when she saw that she received "Princess" pajamas.
 We don't get up too terribly early thanks to some very patient kids!  Everyone on the steps waiting to go down and open stockings.
 I love stockings!  Its one of my favorite parts.  Everyone really likes this!
 A Thor pez dispenser.
 And Superman too.
 Daniel made some of his gifts for others.  Here is Thor's hammer/lightning for Rebecca (and a new pair of sunglasses).
 Love all the hugs that are shared on this day.  I could have posted lots of pictures of hugs.  :-)
 A new doll.  (And its been so cute to watch her playing with her and dancing with her as she watched the Tangled movie!)
 It was a Lego Christmas for the boys.  Rebecca gave them all Legos (as did others).
 This kept them busy and having fun for quite some time!
Eliana really liked helping people open their gifts.  :-)

 Some people are harder to take pictures of than others who are willing to pose.  ;-)
 New robe and make up box.
 Oh, did they have fun with this gun!
Spiderman fan.

Our birthday cake for Jesus was made from cupcakes this year.

 Merry Christmas!  We are thankful for the gift of Jesus!

with love