Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Field trip to Harris Lake County Park!

Do you recognize the name?  Yes, its the same park that we visited for Isaiah's birthday and we went again for a field trip with our FIAR group.  I really do like this park.  Its about 30 minutes from our house, so we don't go too often, but enjoy it whenever we do.

For this outing, our group was split into two groups.  The younger group (prek-5) learned about Reptiles.
What a reptile is and what makes them special.  (Eastern Box Turtle)

And how they are different from amphibians.

Great visuals and hands-on learning too.

Just loved this shot of my two youngest!  Aren't they cute?!
So much to see and learn about in this beautiful world that God has made.
Can you just see the fascination?
And delight.
And not sure what she is thinking here, but it made me smile.
While the younger kids were learning about reptiles, the older ones were learning about Orienteering.  They were split into several groups and we occasionally saw them walking by our shelter.
 Park staff had set up an orienteering course including basic compass instruction, map orientation and course layout and safety instruction.  
Some of the hands on items were easier to touch than others.

No fear of the Corn snake here.  This reminds me of a sweet memory.  I remember when Christopher was much younger and he saw a corn snake.  He liked it and asked me what my favorite snake was.  I told him that I didn't really have one, but asked which one he liked.  He told me that he liked the corn snake ... and all of the other vegetable snakes too.  :-)

The older ones had to work together to try to figure out where each marker was located.

And then set out to find them all.

It was fun to be able to see some of what they were doing too.
We all had a great day.  The weather was gorgeous too!
Rebecca and I left shortly after the programs ended to make a college visit.  I'll post more on that in my next blog post.