Friday, January 18, 2008

News from this week ...

We've had a busy week - and I thought I'd share about the last couple of days. 

Wednesday was our therapy day.  It feels like a really long day - and one in which it is hard to get much else done.  I am trying to keep my focus on the good things that come from these therapies though.  Daniel LOVES going to his therapy and asks frequently if he can go see Miss L.  He wants to have her come here - and I agree - though for his needs there is better.  She told me that she was going to really focus on Daniel's sensory issues.  She doesn't think we will make much progress with eating until we can work through some of the sensory things first.

Some of the things we are going to be working on at home with Daniel include "brushing" him (soft bristled special brush) several times a day.  He hated this the first time we tried it, but has gotten better with tolerating it.  I tried it on myself and thought it felt good - like a deep massaging brush.  For my sweet little sensory avoider though it was just too much.  We will be trying other sensory things with his hands like writing in flour, playing with play-doh or in rice or beans.  He is liking these things.  He does not like getting his hands messy or dirty though.  He is the first of my children to want to wash his hands when something gets on them.

All of this sensory stuff is still really new to me.  I don't understand it and will probably be seeking out some books to help me get a better grasp on things.  The therapist said that most of us have sensory issues - things that affect us - but we are able to deal with them.  Things like not liking loud noises or bright lights or the touch/feel of certain things.  For others, the sensory issues can affect how they are able to manage living. 

Eliana tried a new food at her therapy time - noodles.  Her therapist thinks she likes textured foods better than the soft baby foods and wants us to try giving her more of these.  She also liked eating a club cracker stick.  She gave her some water to drink and she closed her mouth (instead of leaving it open) which is also great news!

Physical therapy was also on this day.  We spent most of the time working on the steps.  Eliana has gotten good at crawling over things (usually my legs) and the steps are the next thing for her to master.  Now, I really don't want her to know how to climb the stairs.  I mean, we'll have to keep her from climbing them as soon as she figures out how to do it.  LOL  She worked hard - though cries and wants to cuddle when she is just tired of the work. 

Wednesday was also Roger's birthday.  The children all made cards/e-cards for him.  I love seeing their thoughts and how it comes out in words and pictures.  The also gave him a great greeting.  The older children decided to pool their money to buy a dinner out for both of us.  We tried to go that evening, but Joshua gagged (literally) on a green bean.  We wanted to be sure that he wasn't sick so we postponed the dinner date.

Thursday we had our monthly visit to the pediatrician.  Eliana has gained weight!!!  She is up to 18lb 2oz.  This was her main concern last month and her ped believes it is essential to her getting the g-tube removed.  She is progressing along a curve - lower than before - but has a pattern from the last 2 months.  Her ped wants her to make 2 more moves up the curve before she recommends the tube being removed.  She also commented though during her exam of  Eliana that she looks well and has enough "fat'.  She's just a petite little thing. 

Otherwise she is doing well.  Her ears look good.  Her ped is amazed that she has dodged the ear infection even when she had a cold.  I'm hoping that she will continue on that path too!  Dr L also commented on how well she engages with people.  I love hearing things like this. 

Last night, Roger and I were able to go out to dinner.  Eliana came with us and slept through it all.  It was quiet in the restaurant as we went out late.  It was a nice time together. 

Today has been a full day AT HOME!!!  I've always loved those days, but with things that cause us to go out during the week, I'm especially thankful for our days with nothing to go do.  We are staying home.  Friends are coming over for pizza and a movie.  I'm hoping to scrapbook some this week-end.  I haven't done this since Eliana was born so I'm even further behind than I was a year ago.  (I'm not sure I'll ever catch up though.) 

The thing that most excites my children is that snow is forecasted for tomorrow.  We have not had a good snow in a couple of years and this would be a lot of fun.  It would be nice for it to happen on a week-end so that Roger can be outside with them.  Between Eliana and my foot, I'm not sure I'm a good candidate for playing in the snow. 

I continue to reflect on God's call on my life.  What does it mean to serve Him?  How do I need to move out of my comfort zone to love on others?  How can I serve with my family?  Are we worshipping God in a way that is pleasing to Him.  I want to have God's heart for others.  I feel like He opening my heart to new things - some I know are due to how my eyes and heart have been forever changed by having Eliana join our family.  I remain thankful and blessed.

With love,