Friday, April 12, 2013

Never a dull moment

Life is never dull or boring and most of the time I like it that way.  (What I don't like is when "exciting" includes the hospital or other medically related problems.)  Daily life with the people I love - that is my kind of excitement.

Eliana brings her own brand of energy to our days.  Rebecca does her best to infuse a level of "girliness" into her sister, but it is hard to outweigh 4 brothers.  LOL  Rebecca does a fabulous job of giving her sister amazing hair styles.  Its always easy to tell who fixes her hair each day.  If it looks outstanding ... then it was Rebecca!  Here is one of her latest styles.  Isn't it cute?!

Want a peek at some Eliana happenings?  One day she was calling me from the kitchen.  I walked in and found her like this.  She then indicated that she wanted to open the microwave.  What I didn't realize then was that she had already opened it.

And put in a box of taco shells to heat and eat.  LOL

Later that same day, when Roger arrived home from work,  he called me upstairs.  Our bathroom was very foggy because someone had been taking a shower.  And Eliana was standing there in a "ta da" pose showing us what George had been doing.

She was excited to go on an egg hunt in the neighborhood this year.  She liked finding the eggs and really didn't care about what was in them.  Thankfully there were a lot missed at the beginning of the hunt as she was not going to go quickly or fight the crowd to get to the eggs.
She was just as happy to be swinging with her friend George.  Yes, he is a pretty constant companion.
Some days our medical appointments include everyone.  Not my favorite, but it is doable.  This is at our eye doctors.  ALL of them are patients there.
Check out our little chicky with her new glasses.  She is not terribly found of wearing them so we are practicing.

Heading to therapy.  We have the same routines coming and going.  As we walk in, she points to each door and asks me  "this one".  She waits for me to say no, or she will say no if I don't answer correctly.
Just a peek.  We are thankful for this little bundle of cuteness.  We are thankful for EACH one of our children.  EACH was prayed for and desired very much.  We are so THANKFUL to be parents to 6 amazing children.  God is very good.