Thursday, March 15, 2012

Art and Talent show

This "field trip" is one we have been doing for many years.  Since Five in a Row has art as a part of the lessons, we thought it would be fun to share some of the art that the children were doing as a part of their schooling.  It was designed to be low-key and fun.  To bring something that your children had made during the year so that it wasn't stressful for anyone.

Over the years, it has evolved.  We now have art from FIAR and other topics of learning.  We have also added in music - piano, guitar, vocal; poetry reading, dramatization and a stop-action video.  Its so much fun to see the students sharing their talents and I think that they really enjoy it too!

Here are some of the things we enjoyed.  

A lego display table was new for this year.
This is Daniel with his display.  For those of you that are "Rowers", you will probably recognize it!
Here is a closer look at the Little Red Lighthouse.  I love how he made the lighthouse keeper walking in mid-stride just like one of the pictures in the book.  This was a fun outlet for him while we rowed this book.  I'm hoping he can do this for more of our stories.
More wonderful artwork.
This was Eliana's snowflake.  I got the idea from pinterest - and actually did it!!!  It was a great project for her and I love how it turned out.  I placed masking tape down on canvas in the pattern of a snowflake and then she painted all over it.  Isn't it pretty?!
This was Rebecca's art piece.  It was well appreciated by everyone!  The edges of the canvas kind of blend with the table, but you can see the crisp edge lines where the crayon ended if you look closely.  I love how this turned out.  Lots of others did too.  She wondered if she could make and sell these.
This is a fingerprinting that Joshua did that was spurred on by our studies of George Washington Carver.
Isaiah shared a painting and also his Sarah Plain and Tall notebook.

Here is more art for you to enjoy.

After the music and talent portion of the event, the students were invited to stand near their art to answer questions and talk about it with others.  They really enjoyed doing this.
A project board was a great way to display items from one family.  Love this sweet brothers picture.
Proud of her lego creation!
I wish you could see the detail of this fruit and veggie stand made from clay!  Its amazing!!!  Click on it to see it up close.  So very cute!
These are our performers.

And this is everyone who put something into the show.
As always it is a sweet time to gather with friends.  I'm always blown away by the talent in our group and its neat to have the opportunity to see and hear and appreciate it!