Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Numbers ... it's all about numbers some days

I've been meaning to write for a couple of days and just haven't found the time.  We visited the pediatrician today and I wanted to update things here.  I thought I'd write about some of the numbers in our lives.  I don't think I've ever been so focused on numbers before.  It's amazing some of the things that we are counting.  I'm not going to include hours of sleep per day as that is just too few!

Countless - number of prayers being lifted for our little girl.  Also the friends, family and even strangers (turned friends) that have reached out to us.  We have been so blessed by the love we have received from so many people! 

85 - number of ml per feeding that Eliana gets.  We try to start with a bottle/oral feeding and then finish with the rest in the feeding tube.  This is up from 75ml a week ago.

15 - number of hours Eliana has slept through during the night!  (Of course we are still up every 3 hours for a feeding and then again an hour later to end the feeding.)

11 - number of weeks since Eliana's birth.

9 - number of ounces she has gained in the last week!!!  She is up to 9 pounds and 11 ounces!!!

8 - number of feedings per day.  Every three hours at 3, 6, 9 and 12.

5 - number of sibling who love kissing on and playing with their little sister.

4 - number of hours spent pumping daily.  Though this is declining.  My milk supply is waning and I don't even want to post that number.

4 - number of weeks so far with the feeding tube.

4 - number of times I've put in Eliana's feeding tube.  Roger has also done it once.

3 - number of pediatricians in her exam room today when trying to figure out her care over the next couple of weeks.  (Some are going to be out of town and they are working hard to make sure we are covered.  Really great care!!!)  She is doing well, though her heart murmer is stronger and there is more fluid there.  We expect an increase in meds next week to help with this.

2 - number of hours between feedings (end of one until the beginning of the next). 

2 - number of medicines Eliana is currently taking.  One helps her heart beat more strongly and the other is a diuretic.

1 - number of doctor appointments weekly.  This is a nice change from the first month when we would sometimes have a couple each week.  This is a huge change for us though as we are used to going very infrequently with our other children.

Unknown - time until her surgery.  We are currently looking at late March to April.  She is doing well enough that our cardiologist thinks we'll be able to "plan"  her surgery instead of having to do an emergency one based on her decline.

1 - incredibly cute little girl!  (Thanks for the bows Kendall!!!)

That's all for now!  I'll update more asap on Rebecca's bracelet sales. 

My computer time and typing is a little down these days.  I'm having some troubles with swelling in one finger which makes typing difficult.  Will share more on this later.  Can't take anything as I'm concerned about it's effect on Eliana.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family.  We are delighting in the precious smiles of our little girl.  Its sweet sunshine to our spirits.