Thursday, March 8, 2007


This is the name chosen by my daughter Rebecca for her business.  Let me start at the beginning.  Rebecca became interested in beading in the fall and used some of her birthday money to buy supplies in December.  She began making bracelets.  After Eliana was born, she began looking for ways to help other children.  She had been allowed to visit Eliana in the NICU and made two knitted hats to donate there.  Then she decided that she wanted to sell bracelets to raise money for other children needing heart surgery. 

As she began making more bracelets, it was my job was to try to find somewhere for her to sell them.  I was really at a loss as to where that could be and honestly my mind was a little (no really a LOT) distracted to even try to think much on it. 

Rebecca went door to door on our street and sold about $72 worth of bracelets that way.  Most were the stretchy elastic kind which she sold for about $4-$5. 

Last week I read in our church bulletin about a Mom's encouragment night in which Sally Clarkson was speaking.  There were other vendors coming and I asked if Rebecca could be a vendor there too.  She was so excited to be able to participate.

Now, when Rebecca chose the name of her business, Wholehearted, I knew that it was very similar to the name of Sally Clarkson's business (Wholeheart).  I figured that it didn't really matter as we would probably not cross paths.  How funny is it that her first event is with Sally (who was very gracious and encouraging about Rebecca's business).

Since we received permission to sell bracelets only a couple of days before the event, Rebecca worked hard to make bracelets and even had help from 2 friends and family too.  We made signs with pictures of Rebecca with Eliana and a statement about why she was selling the bracelets. 

Here is a picture of my two little girls.

This is what Rebecca shared that we posted on the signs at her table. 

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I'm selling bracelets for Wholehearted.  It's a business I started after my little sister Eliana was born with two holes in her heart.  She is getting a lot of help.  I want kids like her to be able to get help too.  All of the money from the bracelets goes to the Children's Hospital.

The event occurred last Friday night.  Rebecca worked her talbe with one of her friends and raised about $250!  She asked me over and over before the event if I thought anyone would buy her bracelets.  She was nervous about it.  What a sweet thing to see people respond to her offerings.

Rebecca is on the right and is with her friend Hannah. 

A couple of days later she received some beads in the mail.  A little girl had received a bracelet that her mom bought and decided to give Rebecca some of her beads.  She also wrote a precious note to her encouraging her and saying she was praying for Eliana.  That was so sweet!

When I went to our pediatrician on Tues for Eliana's weight check, I told our ped what Rebecca was doing.  She promptly pulled out some money and ordered one of Rebecca's bracelets.  She told one of her colleagues about it and she had the same response. 

Some of the gals that work with my husband also expressed interest in Rebecca's bracelets.  She worked hard making more and then on Wed morning went to work with her Daddy.  He sent me a short email early in the day to let me know that sales were going well.  I have tears again.  By the time she is home for lunch I learn that she has practically "sold out" and has some orders for more bracelets.  She has also sold another $300 worth of bracelets!  And this is not a large office.  What a loving response to my daughters - both of them. 

Rebecca is currently working to fulfill some special orders.  She has also been invited to sell bracelets at a special needs conference next month.  (Thank you Tami!)  She has also received donations for her business.  I'm not sure where we'll go from  here.  I want to encourage and support her - but not overwhelm her.  I think that this is a good opportunity for her to become more comfortable with others.  She tends to be shy though always willing to jump in and help someone out.  Thus far she has raised over $700! 

The response to her efforts have overwhelmed me.  I never imagined that she would be able to do so much!!!  I think she is learning a lot from this effort  - and I am too.  She is learning about hard work, donating your time and efforts to help others, generousity of others and compassion.  She has always had a very tender heart and a willingness to give and give and give.  It shows through so clearly in this project.

I am learning about the difference that a little girl can make!  I am learning that it's good to dream big.  I am learning that God can work in a big way through our giftings if we will let Him.  I'm learning that when people respond - it is a blessing to my heart.  It lets me know that people really do care.  It's a sweet reminder of the love of others and how sharing our love can bless so very many people.

I'm so proud of my little girl.  She is a talented, compassionate person - a "world-changer " as one of my friends put it.  I can learn a lot from her example!  I hope I can learn to be more like her. 

Thankful to be the Mama of some very special kids!


Rising to the Challenge

Well, one of my numbers is wrong in the post below.  Change the 4 to a 5 on number of times I've put in the NG tube. 

Eliana pulled it out last during her feeding - again!  I knew it was getting close to time to replace her tape, but wanted to wait as long as possible.  I obviously waited too long.  I was waiting because the tape peels off of her face over time.  If I can wait for most of it to peel, then it doesn't hurt as much as when you have to just pull it off.

Eliana was eating - sitting my lap - and pulled out her tube.  I looked away from her for just a moment and it was out.  She is quick!

This was the 9pm feeding.  I decided to wait until close to midnight to put it back in.  It needs to be at least 2 hour after a feeding so as not to upset her stomach. 

Roger went to bed - he was really exhausted.  I asked Christopher (13yo) if he would help.  He came to my room at midnight without even being asked to help out.  This is the same son that wanted no part of helping initially (he said he wasn't comfortable doing it) and I'm proud of him for stepping up to the challenge.

Eliana was asleep when we started.  I kind of hoped she could sleep through it, but who am I kidding?!  She was having a tube stuck down her nose!    I decided to switch sides to help alleviate some of the skin irritation from the tape.  The first try caused her wake up and cry.  We tried soothing her with her pacifier.  I tried again and hit her "gag reflex".  I then began to wonder if I could only do one side.  Sounds silly I know.  Christopher even commented that maybe we needed to wake up Dad.  (Never mind that he was asleep beside us, all the lights were on and Eliana was crying.  He slept through it all!)

We did finally get it in.  I'm thankful for one more successful insertion, thankful for the prayers of friends and thankful for my son being willing to go beyond his comfort to help his mom and sister. 

More later if I can.  I have pictures and stories from Rebecca's bracelet sales that I'll try to get up soon!