Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random happenings in April

The kids and I just returned from a quick and amazingly fun field trip to the Outer Banks!  I have hundreds of photos to go through, but am hoping to post and share them soon.  (602 photos)  Until then, I wanted to share a few more recent happenings at our house.

We love that Christopher is close enough to visit here - and us to go there - from time to time.  :D  One Saturday morning, we stopped by after a visit to the Farmer's Market (so close to campus).  Daniel went with me to the market and was happy to see his big brother!

We have been doing some work in the yard.  Everyone pitched in to help.  Love seeing Eliana with the little wheelbarrow.
It was a lot of work moving the mulch which we were sharing with a neighbor.
Many hands make light work though!
Everyone earned their treat of pizza for dinner that night.

Doesn't the front yard look nice?

Its been such a cool spring!  I'm not complaining at all though.  Its been nice for wearing sweaters and light jackets.
This sweet sweater was made by my mom for Eliana.  Isn't it pretty.
Daniel finished up his math book early this year!  As a reward, he will be going out to get ice cream!  Great work!

This is some of the origami creations that Daniel made while we were studying Japan and rowing the book Grandfather's Journey.  He had a great time making these!
Rebecca and her friend Hanna were finally able to take a Driver's Ed class.  It has been tricky to find a class that worked for our schedule, but they finished it this month.  They both did a great job.
That's it for April.  Now as we are into May, it is a full and busy month.  Travel, finishing up school, time with family, homeschool conference and more!  I'm looking forward to the fun, but also hoping to find time to rest and enjoy doing nothing too!

Hope your week is going well.