Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Testing

I feel like I've typed that before - "more testing".  I know I've typed "small prayer request" - so I didn't even go that route this time.  Joshua had a nephrology appointment today as a follow up from his testing last month.  I wasn't worried as I thought this would just be news that all is fine.  (The problem being followed - Hematuria - has some familial history with no problems.)  I wasn't prepared.  Thankfully God was.  He knew our steps, the words we would hear and He was right there with us.

We saw a very nice doctor that spent time going over history, asking questions and finding the reports from the other testing.  She came back and told us that based on what she saw on the report, she thinks that there may be a problem with one of his kidneys.  She drew a picture to help explain how the kidneys are supposed to function and what she is suspecting may be going on with Joshua.  The next step will be another renal ultrasound, but this time with dyes in order to see exactly how the kidney is functioning.  If the problem is there, it will need to be surgically corrected. 

Hopefully we'll hear from them tomorrow in terms of scheduling an appointment.

The second piece of the puzzle today came after a physical exam.  She noted a problem (I'm going to be discreet here and not go into detail though I don't mind sharing this personally - just not over the internet).  She called in the supervising doctor who concurred with her opinion.  This finding is a problem and Joshua is being referred to a urologist.  We are expecting surgery to correct it.  I was stunned to hear this and tried hard to fight tears so as not to upset Joshua.  This is always a balance isn't it?  Finding the strength to be strong for your children and yet letting them know that you are scared and sad too.

This second problem is not a result of diabetes.  It has been uncovered because of it though.  I'm thankful that this has been uncovered.  I do wish it weren't happening though.  I feel like my sweet boy is really being put through the ringer this summer.

Joshua is prone to more problems with his kidneys because of having diabetes and thus he will continued to be followed and monitored in this area.

Earlier this week, as a journal writing activity, Joshua had to answer the question, "Do you think you are lucky?".  I wondered how the events of the summer might have affected his answer.  I was curious to see.  He answered a firm "yes" and then listed why he was lucky - family, friends, clothes, a house, etc.  He even said that he thinks he might sometimes take these for granted.  I love his heart and that he sees the blessings of his life clearly.  In spite of what happens, we are very blessed.

So, we wait to hear back about appointments and then will find out more details then.  We appreciate prayers for clear results and patience as we wait. 

One other piece of testing is for another son.  I have suspected for awhile that he might have some learning disabilitiies.  I would love to be wrong on this!!!  We are starting testing with him tomorrow.  Would you join us in praying for clear and accurate results and wisdom in knowing how to deal with any information we may get?

In the midst of difficulties, I still know that we are very blessed.  I'm thankful for a strong God that sustains me - even though I am weak; His wisdom that covers me even when I'm confused; His loves that pours over me even when I feel unlovely and undeserving. 

Some days I feel like there is so much drama going on over here and that surely at some point, things will settle down.  I'm not sure what God's plans are in all of this.  I do know that He loves each one of us and does have a plan for our lives.  I know that He is good even when are circumstances are not.  I know that He is faithful and His promises true even when my life feels so out of control. 

I'm comforted by remembering the words to a child's song ... "Jesus loves me this I know".  Know that He loves you too.  Thank you for praying for our family.

WIth love