Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hi Friends,

Just a quick note as I'm finishing up the last feed of the day - and the ONLY one in which we have used the pump!!!  Yippee!!!  She has done soooo well.  Some of the feeds have been done in two parts - taking a short break in the middle.  Her total taken by bottle today ...

18 ounces!

Way to go Eliana!!!  One of her feedings was in a busy, crowded consignment sale.  She didn't like the bottle cold and ate much better when it was warmed up. 

This last feed will probably be the hardest to get rid of as it typically occurs when she is asleep.  She sleeps well through the night - and always has - even when she was supposed to be eating during the night, she wanted to sleep.  It always felt odd to wake a baby to eat.

I'm guessing that perhaps we will start giving more attention to solid foods.  Tonight I was holding Eliana while eating ice cream.  She was really watching me and seemed interested in it.  She'll need to wait a bit longer for that treat though!  We have feeding therapy on Wed and haven't seen our therapist for almost a month.  Won't she be suprised to hear how great Eliana is doing?! 

More details and photos of our week at Myrtle Beach, SC coming up.  We had a great week!  The children ALL loved the beach.  We really ought to go more often.  ;-)