Monday, April 7, 2008

More on healing

I've been pondering things this week.  Some of it heavy.  I was personally struggling with the loss of our little one.  Reminders seemed to hit on a day when I was emotional anyway (ladies know what I mean).  It's only been a month and the physical reminder was one that just served to emphasize the loss.  (I hope this makes sense as I'm trying to be discreet.)  I just need more time to mourn the loss of this little one that I loved even though we've never met.

I've also cried for other families this week as they mourn the loss of a child that they have known and loved.  Three different families with a sick child who last their battle this week.  Prayer requests for this child for health and healing that weren't answered in the ways we had hoped.  It's heartbreaking to think of losing a child.  One little boy named Paxten who lost his fight with cancer, a little 5yo girl who had heart surgery with complications and a little boy named Noah with Down syndrome who died from pneumonia after having a bone marrow transplant.  I'm thankful that these sweet children are in the arms of Jesus, but I grieve with the families that are mourning. 

In the midst of pain I am constantly reminded that God is good.  The Lord gives and the Lord takes away - blessed be the name of the Lord.  He never promised that this life would be easy.  He has promised to always be with us.  I'm so thankful He is there.   

In counting our blessings here, Eliana is doing great!  Her site is healing beautifully - well, it's not leaking.  It does look good - but funny.  I'm guessing it will eventually look like a second misplaced belly button.  LOL  We'll see.  I'm thrilled though that she is no longer leaking!!!  She is continuing to learn and grow and just delight us all.

We've had some sickness here - though thankfully not bad.  Fevers, sore throat, lethargy - no bodily fluids involved in this sickness!  Daniel seemed to have the worst of it Sat night and Sun (yesterday), but was bouncing around full blast today.  Rebecca came down with it last night and is still feeling poorly.

We would love prayers for healing - and that this not have to be passed through the entire family.  I would also love for you to personally join me in praying for these precious families that have lost their beloved child.