Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Club - Unshaken

We met for our 3rd book club this year.  We are meeting once per month.  So far, this is working well for our group.  It's a fun and not too heavy commitment for all of us.  This month, the book we read was Unshaken.  This is a book from the Lineage of Grace series which chronicles the lives of women from Christ's lineage.  This book was about Ruth.  It is a fictional acount based on the story from the Bible.  I've read one other book in this series which was on Mary which is also a great book. 

We spent time discussing the book at the beginning of our meeting.  Each girl is taking a turn being the hostess and coming up with the questions to ask.  My hope and prayer is that each young lady will grow more comfortable in expressing her opinions and that each would find this a place where they are comfortable being themselves. 


After talking, we enjoyed wonderful foods!  Pesto and pita bread (my favorite!), apple pies, cookies, nuts, raisin bread and grapes.  A delightful spread!

Thank you friends for hosting a fun-filled evening.  I look forward to these times.  Reminds me that I need to go look for the next book!  If you are considering a book club, I highly recommend it!  This has been a great addition to our calendar!