Thursday, April 23, 2009

Night of the Moonjellies Dinner

We've been studying Night of the Moonjellies.  What a fun book!!!  It is always so much fun.  We ended our study by having our own "diner" similar to the one in the book.

We tried to first pick a name.  It was hard.  Each boy was a little stuck on what he thought would be the best name - and not so willing to budge from his selection.  Rebecca tried to help and suggested that they each add just one word - one that they really liked - and we'd combine them to come up with a name.   I thought this was a great suggestion.  Daniel suggested "cafe".  Ok, this is going to work.  Isaiah's turn came.  He thought about it and instead of picking one of the words from the name he wanted, he picked "thorax".   Sigh.  Maybe this wasn't going to work.  Joshua finding this funny decides that his word is going to be "unthorax".  Never mind that it isn't even a word.  So, would you want to eat at the "Thorax Unthorax Cafe".  Me either.

Thankfully, they worked on it some more and came up with the Golden Grill Cafe.  Much better. 

We decided on a menu that was similar to the books.  Lots of good yummy choices there.  We made up menus and each boy had a clip boad of notes with which to take orders. 

Roger did all of the grilling - and did a great job! 

The weather was perfect for dining and playing outside.  It was really a lot of fun. I found myself thinking that we needed to do this more often!

We had ice cream for dessert - for those who were still hungry.

My friend Rebecca made realistic money for the boys to use.  They were thrilled with it!!!  They used it to tally up receipts and take payments. 

The cooler was enticing to everyone.  What is is about ice that makes it so much fun?

I just thought this was a sweet picture.  I love that my friends enjoy our children and are willing to hang out and spend time with them too. 

All in all, the diner was a big success.  I think we need to have another one.  Anyone want to come?