Sunday, October 7, 2007

What was I Thinking?

Oh, I know what I was thinking.  "This will be fun."  "This will be a neat learning experience."  "We can manage this."  Well, most of that is true - at least the first two sentences.  The last one - hahaha.  We've entered some things into the State Fair this year.  The first entry was Rebecca's cross-stitch.  It was framed and finished - an easy choice.  The next entry was one of Rebecca's bracelets.  Again an easy choice.

This is where I went astray.  I thought if Rebecca entered then the other children should be given a chance.  So, tonight I've been framing projects that the boys have done.  Drawings by Joshua and Isaiah and a photograph by Christopher.  The really crazy part is that I decided to enter a quilt.  Why did I do that?!  I'm not an expert!  I was getting in the spirit of having the children enter and entered something too.  *sigh*  Mine isn't finished.  It's close, but I'll need to work on it tomorrow.  I also need to work on descriptive tags to put on all of the projects. 

Did I mention that tomorrow is the day that everything is due to the State Fair?  I'll try to take some photos and post them tomorrow.  For now, it's time to go to bed.

More updates tomorrow.  One quick one though - Eliana is STILL TUBE-FREE!!!  I've decided that we need to go for it and work hard to get off the feeding tube.  Some days are better than others, but we are moving in the right direction!  Praise God!!!