Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Graduation Celebration!

We hosted a Graduation Celebration on July 11 for Rebecca and her friend Hanna.  Since it was mid-summer, we decided to host it indoors.  This gave us many more options for decorating which was fun (though we also tried to keep it simple as well).  Rebecca and Hanna each picked their favorite colors (blue and green) and we went with that as our decorating theme.

Blue and green for tablecloths, balloons, centerpieces and more.  Can you see what the centerpieces are made from?  Just a little peek at the sweetness that these sweet gals bring to our lives (not to mention that they both really love candy!).

We went early in the day to set-up.  It was fun decorating and so nice to have it done when we arrived later.

Anyone know what this is from?  (Sign above)

Since this was a graduation for two, we worked to make it personal and meaningful for each of them.

Each of the girls had a table with things representing them on it.  (FIAR friends - do you see some familiar books there?)

The dessert table was also chosen by them.  It was so much fun putting this together.  We went to a Goodwill store and found a variety of glass containers to use to display things.  It was well received by children and adults alike.

We were joined by family and friends to celebrate these two very special young ladies.  What fun to be with so many people we love!

 We missed those unable to be there, but are thankful for those who were!
 I also was blessed by two precious friends who took my cameras and took photos during the party so that I could focus on just being there and enjoying the evening and not looking at it through the lens of a camera.  Thank you Elizabeth and Kathy!  The pictures are wonderful!
We enjoyed some time socializing before the event began.

It was fun to introduce family and friends to each other.  
The best picture of Roger and I with Rebecca.  I wish we had gotten a photo of our whole family, but I didn't remember.  We have shots of all of us there though!  :D  

 One of Rebecca's roommates was able to be there!  What fun it is getting to know Carolyn.  Its such a sweet thing that God orchestrated and I'm excited for both of them.  While looking at Rebecca's table, they both discovered something that they had in common - besides a love of many of the same books.  They both had Madeline birthday parties when they were younger.

 It was wonderful to have my mom, niece, sister and brother-in-law here!

 Thankful for family and just wish that all of them could have been here with us.
 It was sweet to see so many friends.
 Eliana enjoyed the evening too.  Can't really tell it from this photo and she was fading fast as the night progressed.  We had a program which was a time to encourage and bless both Rebecca and Hanna as well as their friends and family.
 Brandon Hudson, one of our student pastors spoke and encouraged all of us.

 Each parent spoke to their graduate personally.  Then each graduate spoke as well.
And the diploma was conferred.  
 An emotional moment for all of us.  
 Christopher ended the program by praying over both of them.  I enjoy seeing my oldest comfortable in his faith and in this role.  Watching him grow in his faith has been one of the sweetest parts of seeing him spread his wings.
 Love the sweet expression here.  :)  Good friends are a blessing indeed!
Time to eat!  We catered food from Backyard Bistro.  It was yummy and I highly recommend.

 The table full of temptations was now able to be sampled too.  

 Rebecca and Christopher
 Emily and Rebecca
Sweet cousins!

Emily, Wade and Elizabeth
Well done lovely ladies and CONGRATULATIONS!

After 18 years, its  hard to believe that you are finished.  I've loved being your mom and teacher for all of these years.  I'm thrilled for you and the opportunities that await you at Liberty.  I pray that your faith would grow deeper and stronger as you seek God there.  I love you with all my heart and am so very thankful to be your mom!

More coming in future posts as we are getting ready for the transition to college.  Thank you for the many of you who have and are praying for us.  This is a life-changing event for all of us.  I am so very excited for Rebecca and am also going to miss you like crazy!  Rebecca, your life has had a huge impact in so many ways and I know that will continue - in new and different ways.

This summer has flown by.  In just 9 short days we will be dropping her off at college.  Can't believe that time is almost here.  Treasure each moment and rejoice in all that has happened.  Reminding myself of that daily.  Reminding myself that God has her in His hands.  


And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ, having been filled with the fruit of righteousness which comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.  Phillipians 1: 9-11