Monday, September 24, 2007

Our week at a glance

I've been very negligent in writing, but will try to get back into the swing of things.  Just had more pressing things to deal with at home I guess.

Sunday - This was Isaiah's 6th birthday.  How can he be 6?  Am I always going to wonder this on each of my children's birthdays?  Probably.  I have lots to share about our fun day with Isaiah - and some of the hilarious things that he said, but will do that in another post all about him (and hopefully with some pictures too).

Monday - A day at home!!!  Yippee!  We tried to do some cleaning (didn't get much done) and some schooling.  I've decided that in honor of the upcoming birthday party on Friday we will be doing a short unit on Pirates this week.  My boys are thrilled.  We started a new chapter book today, found the Caribbean Islands on a map and looked through an activity book to find fun things to do at their party.

Tuesday - Joshua has an eye appointment.  I'm really hoping he has improved.  He has been patching one eye, but has not seen improvement thus far.  Later in the day, Daniel and Isaiah have music classes.  I hope that Daniel will get into his class a little more this week.  I could hardly get him to participate last week.  I have seen him doing some of the htings at home though which is encouraging.  Rebecca was such an ideal music student - the boys have all been a little more reluctant.  LOL

Wednesday - Therapy day - both physical and feeding.  We missed physical last week because our therapist was sick.  Looking forward to seeing both of them this week.

Eliana has started trying some solid foods once a day.  She really doesn't know what to do with the food in her mouth and not a lot really goes in.  It's a start though.  She doesn't seem to mind it at all which is nice.

Thursday - Nothing!  Well, except prepare for a party and company the following day.

Friday - Pirate party for our birthday boys.  I'm trying for a low-key affair.  This is not the way we typically do birthdays.  We'll see how this goes.  ;-)  Too bad we don't have the 2 large ships we built a couple of years ago for a pirate party.  (Not really as I would NOT have wanted to store those!)

Saturday - Not much planned.  Rebecca has a soccer game.  We also have a Keepers of the Faith (club for girls) meeting on the topic of Wildflowers.  It is our first of the year and we are looking forward to it.

Sunday - We have been invited to attend a picnic of the group "Little Mended Hearts" by our cardiologist.  It sounds like a lot of fun and we are planning on going.


*A healthy family.  Eliana has been incredibly healthy since she has been born and I'm so very thankful for that.

*Wonderful family.  I have been blessed so very much with my family.

*Time for fun this week as we take time to study something that really excites the boys.

So many more things, but I need to go to sleep.  Sorry there isn't more to this.  It's late, but I wanted to give a peek into our week.  Thank you for your continued  prayers for our family.

With love,