Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Little Bit of Life Over Here

Hi Friends,

I've been wanting to write - but just not finding the time. We've started back to school and this week is one in which we have been going full-speed ahead. It's kept my days really busy too! I can tell we are out of all of our routines from schooling to chores and more. We probably need to spend some time in training, but we'll try to do it as we go. I don't want to take a break yet as we'll be going to the beach for a week soon - so we'll work until then.

Our schooling is going well. Daniel has enjoyed having his own time with Before Five in a Row. (Reading picture books and doing activities that tie in with the story.) We are reading Play With Me this week and he has asked to read it over and over again. Today we made pinecone/peanut butter bird feeders which he thought was great (as did two of his older brothers that joined in the fun).

Isaiah and Joshua are doing Five in a Row. Our book this week is Andy and the Lion. Today they worked on two-color pictures - like in the story. Joshua really balked at being limited to 2 colors. I encouraged him to just try it. He finally did and was very pleased with the results. He thought he might even try it again.

Rebecca is studying with Beyond Five in a Row. Today she spent time learning about shelters and built an igloo from sugar cubes. (Lots of my children just wanted to eat them - yuck!) She has also been learning about the "golden spike" and the Transcontinental Railroad to go along with The Boxcar Children.

Christopher is doing a variety of studies from learning about the Romans in history to biology in science and using The Lord of the Rings to study English.

Eliana is busy playing and having fun. I love to see her face break into a smile when she sees someone coming to her to play. She is truly a delight!

She is continuing to eat well - though not that stellar day from a few days ago. Today she ate about 13 ounces which is more than half! Hoping and praying she would continue to improve.

We are still having trouble getting the parts we need for her tube. I talked with them yesterday and was told that the part we needed cost over $800. I assured her that this could not be the case! It's just a tube with a clamp in the middle. She finally found the "correct one" in the warehouse and promised it would be here by today. She was right - it did arrive. It however is not the right part. It is the one that sticks up from the photo I shared last month. *sigh* I've looked up the part on-line and am hoping we can get this figured out tomorrow!

Also please pray for Eliana's healing around her button site. I think some of her skin is burned from the cream to get rid of the "granulation tissue". :-( I didn't realize that it could do this to her skin and will be calling in the morning about this too.

I know that I owe many people an email. I will try to get back to you. Please know that I treasure receiving your words of encouragment!!! My lack of response is not reflective of any lack of appreciation. I'm truly just busy with more on my plate than I can get to on most days. I will do my best, though please forgive me if it isn't all that great or if it doesn't happen.

This is feeling a little factual - but thought it might be nice to have a peek into our lives. I've been learning a lot about how God views me (and you!) and it's just beautiful. Will try to write more soon. Still thankful to be a Child of the King!

With love,


PS Still working on sharing Rebecca's news - hopefully tomorrow!